Downloads on Ancient Ports

Ancient Coastal settlements, Ports and Harbours, Vol. I – The Catalogue of ancient ports.
A. de Graauw, 2020. This document is the base of this web site (EN, 265 p, 6 Mb).
If you downloaded the first edition (2011), or the second (2012) or third edition (2013), or fourth edition (2014), or fifth edition (2016), or sixth edition (2017), please replace it by this seventh edition (2020).
An Excel version of this list of ancient ports was published and you can download the latest updated database as an xls table.
You can also download the whole set of kml files for better visualisation on Google Earth.

Ancient Coastal settlements, Ports and Harbours, Vol. II – Citations of ancient authors on ancient ports.
A. de Graauw, 2020. Texts, inscription and papyri on ports by ancient authors (FR, 739 p, 21 Mb).

Ancient Coatal settlements, Ports and Harbours, Vol. III – Ancient port structures.
A. de Graauw, 2020. Some thoughts on the design of several ancient ports (Actium, Alexandria, Apollonia, the Bosphorus, Delos, El Hanieh, Leptis Magna, Marius’ canal, Narbonne, Nirou Khani, Portus, Pisa, Puteoli, Charmothas, Thapsus);
A list of around 200 proposed locations for potential ancient harbours;
Some comments on ancient port structures, like Vitruvius’ methods, failure of breakwaters and breakwater remains, design waves, reinforced concrete, arched breakwaters, pierced stones, harbour silting-up;
Some notes on ancient merchant ships and galleys, sailing techniques and Mediterranean sailing routes;
Some thoughts about ancient trade networks and intermodal hubs;
Some remarks on ancient maps, on ancient measures and ancient climate, including earthquakes and tsunamis. (EN, 362 p, 53 Mb)

Ancient Coastal settlements, Ports and Harbours, Vol. IV – Stories of ancient sailors.
A. de Graauw, 2020. Stories of ancient sailors (FR, 76 p,  2 Mb).

Mare Nostrum – le coeur de l’empire romain, A. de Graauw, 2019. Sailing and trading on the Mediterranean Sea (FR, 13 p, 2 Mb).

Ancient Port Structures – An engineer’s perspective.
A. de Graauw, 2019. Comparison of ancient and modern port structures (EN, 35 p, 14 Mb).

From Amphora to TEU: Journey of a container – An engineer’s perspective. A. de Graauw, 2017. Comparison of ancient and modern maritime logistics (EN, 22 p, 4 Mb).

Catalogue of potential ancient ports in the Black Sea.
A. de Graauw, 2016. List of 388 ancient ports and harbours in the Black Sea and Azov Sea with a selection of places that are potentially of interest for port archaeologists (EN, 16 p,  1 Mb).

Potential Ancient Harbours. A. de Graauw, 2017. List of around 200 new places that are potentially of interest for port archaeologists (EN, 15 p,  1 Mb).

Remains of Ancient Breakwaters. A. de Graauw, 2017. Collection of Google Earth and other pictures of ancient breakwater remains (EN, 52 p,  9 Mb).

Stability of overtopped and submerged breakwaters. A. de Graauw, 2014. Failure of rubble mound breakwaters in the long term (EN, 9 p,  6 Mb).

Poster presented at the meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Helsinki, August 2012 (EN, 1 p,  2 Mb).

Leptis Magna’s North coast. A. de Graauw, 2000. Description of the North coast of Leptis Magna, including quay structure and mooring stone (EN, 5 p, 1 Mb).

Port Engineering aspects of the Magnus Portus in Alexandria. A. de Graauw, 2000. Some thoughts on Alexandria’s submerged structures, Publ. PIANC Bulletin 103, February 2000 (EN, 11 p, 6 Mb).

Extra-ordinary ancient ships. A. de Graauw, 1998. Some data on Hellenistic hyper galleys and other very large ancient ships, prepared for Frank Goddio in “Alexandria – The Submerged Royal Quarters”, Publ. Périplus Ltd, London, 1998 (EN, 3 p, 0.5  Mb).

Vitruvius’ Book 5, Chapter 12, 1837, with Perrault’s notes (FR, 10 p, 1 Mb).

Gaston Jondet’s “Les Ports submergés de l’ancienne ile de Pharos”, 1916 (FR, 121 pp, 11 Mb) with detailed pictures of his four marvellous “Planches” (FR, 15 p, 54 Mb).

Doura-Europos map, found in 1923 by F. Cumont and dated around 200 AD (1 p, 2 Mb).

Lehmann-Hartleben’s Katalog, 1923 (DE, 26 p, 23 Mb).

Schoff’s translation of Marcian’s Periplus, 1927 (EN, 28 p, 30 Mb).

Albert Grenier’s Ports de mer, 1934 (FR, 30 p, 14 Mb).

Antoine Poidebard’s report on Tyre, 1939 (FR, 123 p, 50 Mb).

Renato Bartoccini’s detailed description of the port of Leptis Magna, 1958 (IT, 120 p, 75 Mb).

Nic Flemming’s Coastal changes during the last 10 000 years, 1986 (EN, 29 p, 7 Mb).

Nic Flemming’s Cities under the Mediterranean, 1980 (EN, 16 p, 11 Mb).

Nic Flemming’s Sea Level change in the South Aegean, 1973 (EN, 67 p, 16 Mb).

Ameur Younes’ work on the port of Thapsus, 1997 (FR, 31 p, 5 Mb).

Xavier Lafon’s catalogue of Roman Maritime Villas, 2001 (FR, 68 p,  50 Mb).

Greg Mumford’s magistral synthesis on Sea Peoples, 2018 (EN, 141 p, 18 Mb).

Qiantang bore, most impressive tidal bore in Hangzhou Bay in China (EN, 15 min. video, 119 Mb).