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Ancient port mentioned by ancient author(s)

Ancient port mentioned by modern author(s) only

Potential ancient harbour, from a nautical point of view

NB Ancient name Modern name
1 Tyle, Thule Iceland? Pliny and Strabo, who cite Pytheas (ca 350 BC?), place Thule at 6 navigation days from (Great) Britain, which may be 400-600 nautical miles. Iceland is at 450 miles North of Scotland. The mention of six months long days and nights means a position beyond the Arctic Circle, which corresponds better to Iceland than to the Shetland islands.
2 Baltia? Tanum, bronze age rock carvings showing many ships
3 export of amber to the Black Sea, on R Chesinos, Chesynus Daugmale, on R Daugava, Dvina, Düna
4 Basileia, Basilia, Ile Royale, between R Vistula and R Chronus Sambia, Samland? famous for amber exported via R Vistula and R Neman
5 Abalus insula, Saxonum insulae? near Elektrides insulae? Isle of Helgoland? Near Frisian islands?
6 Mararmano, Manarmani Hoge Berg near Den Burg? On the Isle of Texel in The Netherlands between R Vidrus (R Oude Rijn?) and R Amisius (R Eems)
7 Uitgeest-Groot Dorregeest
8 Flevum, on R Vidrus? Velsen, West of Amsterdam, on R Oude Rijn
9 Lugdunum Batavorum, Brittenburg, Calla submerged offshore Katwijk, near the outlet of R Oude Rijn (R Old Rhine) which was the northern limit of the Roman empire and was navigable over a long distance, with many river ports
10 Praetorium Agrippinae Valkenburg, Marktveld
11 Matilo, on Corbulo canal between R Rhine and R Maas Leiden, Roomburg
12 Albaniana Alphen a/d Rijn
13 Nigrum Pullum Zwammerdam
14 Laurium Woerden, Kruittorenweg & Havenstraat
15 Fletio Utrecht, Hoge Woerd
16 Fectio Vechten
17 Levefanum Wijk bij Duurstede
18 Mannaricium Maurik
19 Carvo, Carvone Kesteren
20 Castra Herculis Arnhem, Meinerswijk
21 Carvium Bijlandse Waard
22 Castra Vetera, Colonia Ulpia Trajana Xanten, Archäologischen Park
23 Ceuclum Roman bridge at Cuijk
24 Oppidium Batavorum Nijmegen, Hunnerpark
25 Noviomagus Nijmegen, Maasplein
26 Grinnes, Grinnibus Rossum
27 Forum Hadriani Park Arentsburgh, at Voorburg
28 Ockenburgh
29 Naaldwijk
30 Flenio, Flenium Vlaardingen?
31 Helinio submerged offshore of Oostvoorne
32 “Oude Wereld” submerged offshore Goeree
33 Ganuentum submerged at 1.5 km NW of Colijnsplaat, votive altars to Nehalennia goddess
34 Romanorum portus “De Roompot” submerged offshore Domburg on the Isle of Walcheren
35 Rodanum? Aardenburg
36 Maldegem-Vake
37 Bruges, Brugge, on R Reie
38 Wenduine
39 Aldenburgensis Roman fort on the sea side at Oudenburg
40 Albion, Prettanoi, Prettanides, Brettannikai, Britannia Great Britain
41  Orcades insulae Orkney islands, North Scotland
42 Devana, Devoni Aberdeen
43 Dun, on Montrose Basin
44 Horrea Classis Carpow
45 Velunia, Veluniate Carriden House, at the eastern end of Antonine’s wall
46 Cramond
47 Inveresk
48 Tweedmouth
49 Segedunum Wallsend, on R Tyne at the eastern end of Hadrien’s wall, near Newcastle
50 Arbeia South Shields
51 possible lighthouse at Huntcliff
52 possible lighthouse at Goldsborough
53 Dictium? Whitby
54 possible lighthouse at Ravenscar
55 possible lighthouse at Scarborough
56 Portus Felix possible lighthouse at Filey Brigg
57 Gabrantiucorum portuosus sinus, Praesidium, Praetorium Bridlington?
58 Petuaria on R Abus Brough on R Humber, Roman naval base
59 Faxfleet  on R Humber
60 Winteringham  on R Humber
61 Gibraltar Point, near Skegness
62 Holme next the Sea, with possible lighthouse at Thornham
63 Branodunum Brancaster
64 Caister on Sea, North of Great Yarmouth, might have had a Roman port?
65 Gariannum Burgh Castle, West of Great Yarmouth
66 Sitomagus? Aldeburgh, near Saxmundham, might have had a Roman port?
67 Walton Castle, North of Felixstowe
68 Ad Ansam near Higham
69 port of Camulodunum Fingringhoe Wick, near Colchester
70 Heybridge-Maldon, South of Colchester might have had a Roman port?
71 Othona portus Bradwell on Sea, South of Colchester
72 Hadleigh with possible lighthouse
73 Londinium, Lindonium London river port on the Thames, near Regis House
74 Noviomagus Cantiacorum Dartford
75 Vagniacis Springhead, near Southfleet
76 Durobrivae Rochester, on R Medway
77 Durolevum Ospringe, South of Faversham
78 Regulbium possible lighthouse at Reculver, West of Margate
79 Tanatus insula, Toliapis? Taniatide? Isle of Thanet, now connected to mainland
80 Rutupiae, Ritupium Roman naval base at Richborough, South of Margate
81 Portus Dubris, home port of Classis Britannica fleet Dover: port at the outlet of R Dour, with its two famous ancient lighthouses
82 Portus Lemanis Stutfall Castle, Lympne
83 Mutuantonis? Hastings
84 Anderidos, Anderitum Pevensey
85 Novus portus Portslade, near Brighton
86 Submerged offshore Selsey
87 Villa Regis Cogidubni, port of Noviomagus Regnorum Fishbourne, near Chichester
88 Magnus portus Bosham Harbour?
89 Hayling island
90 Portus Adurni, Ardaoni Portchester Castle, Roman naval base
91 Vectis, Vecta insula Isle of Wight, probably Newport
92 Brading, on the isle of Wight
93 Ventnor, on the isle of Wight
94 Gurnard, on the isle of Wight
95 Clausentum? Bitterne Manor House
96 Onna? Nursling
97 Hengistbury Head
98 Hamworthy, near Poole
99 Wareham
100 Port of Durnovaria Weymouth, near Dorchester
101 Vindelis, Vindilis? Isle of Portland, near Chesil beach
101.1 The Cobb, at Lyme Regis, is said to be on top of a Roman structure
102 Seaton
103 Isca Dumnoniorum Exeter, with a port at Topsham on R Exe
104 Tamaris insula, Cassiterides islands? Plymouth, Mount Batten
105 Restormel Castle
106 Gweek
107 Ictis insula, Mictis, near Belerium, Bolerion prom., Cassiterides islands? (export of tin) St. Michael’s Mount, Marazion, near Land’s End in Cornwall
108 Silina insula, Sicdelis, Cassiterides islands? Isles of Scilly, West of Cornwall
109 Trevelgue Head, near Newquay
110 St Gennys Roman fortlet, near Crackington Haven
111 Morwenstow Roman fortlet
112 Clovelly Dikes Roman fortlet
113 Martinhoe Roman fortlet
114 Old Burrow Roman fortlet at Countisbury
115 Grabbist Hill, near Dunster
116 Port of Iscalis? Combwich, in front of Cardiff might have had a Roman port?
117 Abona Sea Mills, near Bristol
118 Glevum Gloucester
119 Venta Silurum Caerwent
120 Isca Silurum Caerleon
121 Tamion? Tamium? Cardiff
122 Barry
123 Port of Bomium? Porthcawl, near Bridgend
124 Nido, Nidum Neath
125 Leucarum Loughor
126 Moridunum Carmarthen
127 Trelissey, near Amroth
128 Wiston Roman fortlet
129 Erglodd Roman fortlet
130 Maglona? Cefn-Caer Farm, Roman fort near Pennal
131 Birthdir Roman fort
132 Tremadoc Roman villa
133 Castell Odo
134 possible lighthouse at Dinas Dinlle
135 Segontium possible lighthouse at Caernarfon
136 Aberffraw
137 Mona insula possible lighthouse at Caer y Twr on Holyhead Mountain
138 Mona insula Caer Gybi Roman fort
139 Mona insula possible lighthouse at Pen Bryn-Yr-Eglwys
140 Llanfihangel Din Sylwy, Bwrdd Arthur
141 Canovium, Conovium Caerhun Roman fort
142 port of Varis? Prestatyn, might have had a Roman port?
143 Deva Victrix Chester
144 Meols
145 Wilderspool, near Liverpool
146 Walton le Dale
147 Setantiorum portus Possibly submerged North of Fleetwood?
148 Calunium Lancaster Roman fort
149 Alauna? Alone? Watercrook Roman fort
150 Monaoeda, Monobia, Manavia insula Isle of Man
151 Glannoventa Ravenglass Roman fort
152 Tunnocelum Beckermet Roman fort
153 Gabrosentum Moresby Roman fort, near Parton
154 Magis Burrow Walls Roman fort, near Workington
155 Alauna, Alione Maryport, on the Firth of Solway
156 Bibra? Bribra? Beckfoot Roman fort
157 Portus Trucculensis? Angerton, Kirkbride
158 Maia Bowness on Solway, Roman fort at the West end of Hadrien’s wall
159 Congavata, Concavata Drumburgh Roman fort
160 Caerlaverock Roman fort
161 Dalbeattie, might have had a Roman port?
162 Loucovium? Glennlochar Roman fort
163 Gatehouse of Fleet Roman fortlet
164 Newton Stewart Roman fortlet
165 Glenluce Roman fortlet
166 Rerigonium? Stranraer
167 Girvan Mains Roman fortlet
168 Clotagenium Old Kilpatrick, at the West end of Antonine’s wall
169  Clota in Hiverione Isle of Arran, in the Firth of Clyde near Glasgow
170  Aebudae insulae Port Ellen, on isle of Islay, southern Hebrides
170.1 Dunadd
171 Erin, Ierne, Hibernia, Hivernione, Insula Sacra Ireland
171.1 Drumanagh