Ancient Authors on Ancient Ports

The references are listed as ancient authors and as modern authors.

The French translations of ancient texts that mention ports are available as a pdf version of Volume II of this project. The links to (mostly French) translations available on the web are also given hereunder. The main sources are Remacle for French translations and Lacus Curtius for English translations. It is realised that translations available on the web are not the most up to date ones, but they will allow you to read the approximate content of each citation before you may decide to search for a more recent translation.

The list of ancient authors is given in alphanumerical order. You will have to forgive the French habit to “francize” names and titles.

It is also interesting to have a look at the dates of the ancient authors. If we forget about the approximate and unknown dates, we can see they are scattered between 1500 BC and 500 AD (with a few exceptions). That is two thousand years! They certainly have not all seen the same port structures.