Carlini trireme with 50 oars

Trireme showing 50 oars copied by Capt. Carlini from the graffito of the House of Dionysos on Delos Island in 1930-33. The graffito was 85 cm long (Musée de la Marine, Paris).

Graffiti de Délos. Maison du Dionysos, salle l, mur est. N° 10


I am a French/Dutch coastal engineer with extensive experience in the Mediterranean area. I compiled a list of ancient ports and harbours with latitude/longitude positioning, based on ancient and modern authors. My catalogue of ancient coastal settlements, ports and harbours contains nearly 6,000 sites.
My interest grew to ancient port structures like quays and breakwaters including harbour silting-up, ancient ships and navigation, ancient maps and units of measure, ancient climate including sea level rise, waves, earthquakes and tsunamis.

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