Red Sea & Gulf

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Ancient port mentioned by ancient author(s)

Ancient port mentioned by modern author(s) only

Potential ancient harbour, from a nautical point of view

NB Ancient name Modern name
3520 Arsinoe, Cleopatris, Port Daneon, Klysma, Clysina, Ovilia Suez, Qulzum
3521 Poseideion? near the power station
3522 Port of King Khafra, Khefren Ayn Sukhna, at Portrait Hotel
3523 Marah near Ras Matarma
3524 Mersa Thelemet
3525 Port of King Khufu, Cheops Wadi el-Jarf, the oldest breakwater found to date
3526 (export of turquoise, malachite & copper from wadi Ameyra, Serabit el-Khadim & wadi Maghara) al-Markha, Maghara, near Ras Budran,
3527 Rhaithou, Phoinikon, Palm-Grove el-Tor, el-Tur, Tor harbour
3528 Tell el-Raya, Sheikh Riyah Harbour
3529 Merset el-Qad Yahya
3530 Marsa Zeitiya
3531 Sapirene? Endeavour Harbour, on Geziret Tawila island
3532 Sapirene? Phocarum? Scytala? Geziret Shadwan, Shaker island
3533 Abu Shar Roman fort at the end of the Via Hadriana, at el-Gouna which is an excellent shelter
3534 Hurghada
3535 Marsa Abu Makhadiq
3536 Makadi Bay
3537 Al Nabila
3538 Unnamed cove
3539 Unnamed cove
3540 Ras Abu Soma
3541 Mina Safaga
3542 Wadi Safaga
3543 Coral Garden
3544 Philoteras portus, Philotere, port of Aennus, archaic Saww Marsa Gawasis, near wadi Jasus, 26 km South of Safaga port. Pliny speaks of Aennus. Ptolemy locates Phîlotera at 30’ of latitude South of Myos Hormos, which leads near the airport of Marsa Alam. However, modern authors seem to agree to locate this port at Marsa Gawasis near Safaga.
3545 Quei?
3546 Kalawy Imperial
3547 Arsinoe Troglodytika unlocalized between Philotera and Myos Hormos, perhaps near Kalawy Imperial Resort or Hamrawein?
3548 Abu Sawatir Rocky Valley
3549 Myos Hormos, Aphrodite’s port, Panormus? Quseir al-Qadim, at the Mövenpick hotel, 8 km North of Quseir. Ptolemy locates Myos-Hormos at 3°25’ of latitude North of Berenike, which leads to Hurghada. The Periplus Maris Erythraei indicates that this site is at 1800 stadia, i.e. 330 km, from Berenike, which would lead near Safaga. However, modern authors agree to locate this port 8 km North of Quseir on the West side of the road and a jetty made of amphoras was found by Peacock & Blue.
3550 Quseir port, at the outlet of wadi Hammamat leading to ancient Coptos on the Nile.
3551 Sharm el Lole, Zerib Kebir
3552 Utopia Beach
3553 Mangrove Bay
3554 Santido Resort
3555 Unnamed
3556 Unnamed
3557 Unnamed
3558 Coraya Bay
3559 Port Ghalib, Marsa Imbarak
3560  Leuke Kome? Leucos Limen? Albus portus? Marsa Mubarak
3561 Marsa Mooray
3562 Marsa Abu Dabbab
3563 Mersa Dabr
3564 Brayka Bay
3565 Marsa Tarafi
3566 Marsa Egla
3567 Marsa Asalay
3568 Marsa Alam
3569 Marsa Samadai
3570 Marsa Tundaba
3571 Nechesia? Marsa Nakari, 18 km South of Marsa Alam
3572 Ras Dirra, Bir Ghadir
3573 Marsa Fokairi
3574 Shams Alam Resort
3575 Sharm Luli
3576 Unnamed
3577 Abu Ghusun
3578 Kala’an Gulf, Wadi Gimal
3579 Lahami Bay
3580 Hellenistic port of Berenice Troglodytika, Berenike, Acathartos, Foul Bay Medinet el-Haras, 4 km South of Bender el-Kebir inside the gulf of Ras Banas and on the Tropic of Cancer. Pliny is more accurate for Berenike as he indicates that there is no shadow at noon on the day of summer solstice, which is the definition of the tropic located at 23°26’ of latitude. The present latitude of Berenike is 23°56’ and it is still a port today.
3581 Roman port Berenice Troglodytika, Berenike, Acathartus, Foul Bay Medinet el-Haras, 4 km South of Bender el-Kebir inside the gulf of Ras Banas and on the Tropic of Cancer. Pliny is more accurate for Bernike as he indicates that there is no shadow at noon on the day of summer solstice, which is the definition of the tropic located at 23°26’ of latitude. The present latitude of Berenike is 23°56’ and it is still a port today.
With possible ancient lighthouse
3582 Ophiodes insula, Agathonis, Tytis, Nekron, Snake island Isle of Zabargat, St John’s Island, the island with topaz, off Berenike. The isle of Ophiodes is well located as it seems to be the only one producing topaz in this area. No good shelter here!
3583 Bodkin reef
3584 Sharm el-Madfa, Marsa Hasa
3585 Marsa Shaab
3586 Marsa el-Qad
3587 Marsa Abu Naam
3588 Marsa Halaib
3589 Khor el-Marob
3590 Marsa Ribda, Marsa Gwilaib
3591 Khor Abu Asal, Marsa Oseif
3592 Marsa Hamsiat
3593 Marsa Wasi
3594 Marsa Gafatir
3595 Marsa Abu Imama, Rio Farat
3596 Marsa Halaka, Khor Dullow, Khor Delwein
3597 Khor Shinab, Khor Abu Mishmish
3598 Bathus profondus portus Dungunab. Ptolemy locate Bathus (deep port) at 2°50’ of latitude South of Berenike, which leads to the large bay of Dungunab where a huge bay sheltered from the northern waves prevailing in this area is found
3599 Dioscuror Marsa Inkeifal? Ptolemy locates Dioscuror at the same place as Bathus, perhaps on the West  side of Jazirat Magarsam island
3600 Marsa Salak
3601 Marsa Arakiyai, Port Salvadora
3602 Marsa Fijab, Bahia de Fuca
3603 Marsa Gwiyai, Port Dradart
3604 Port Sudan, in Marsa Sheikh Barud
3605 Marsa Ata
3606 Theon Soterum, Deorum Salutarium, Sotira Suakin? Ptolemy locates Theon Soterum at 1° of latitude North of Ptolemaïs, which corresponds to Suakin
3607 Marsa Esh Sheikh Ibrahim
3608 Evangeliorum, Evangelon Mintaka, East of Shubuk Channel, North of Trinkitat? Ptolemy locates Evangelon at 30’ of latitude North of Ptolemaïs, which corresponds to this bay
3609 Ptolemais Theron, Ptolemais’ hunt (for elephants), Epitherias (city founded by Eumedes) Adobana, 8.5 km SE of Agig, Aqiq
3610 Strato insula in bay of Elaea Aqiq Kebir, Bahdur island, in Khor Nawarat, Nowarat
3610.1 small headland on Gazirat Kalafiyya, in Khor Nowarat, Nowarat
3611 Port Melinus, near Elaea Gazirat Iri, er-Rih island?
3612 Harmil island
3613 Jimhil, Monfreid’s Djumele?
3614 Alalaei, Alalaiou insulae Nokra Deset on the Dahlak islands
3615 Saba Massawa? Ptolemy locates Saba at 50’ of latitude North of Adulis, which corresponds to Massawa at 15°38’ of latitude North
3616 Orine insula isle of Dissei, Dessei
3617 Adulis, Adoulis, Utulis, port of the Axoumites Zula. The Periplus Maris Erythraei locates Adulis at 3000 stadia (550 km) South of Ptolemaïs inside a South facing bay, which corresponds to Zula at 15°15’ of latitude. Pliny locates it at 5 navigation days from Ptolemaïs, which leads to more or less the same location. This site seems to be accepted by modern authors. It may be noted that Ptolemy is widely mistaken when locating it at 40’ of latitude North of Dire, leading near Assab or Beilul, 400 km further South. It may be noted also that Assab still is a port nowadays, while Beilul does not show any nautical interest (today) except for a cape located about 15 km further East
3618 Land of Punt? Pount, Ta Netjer, Taneter, Pwenet, Pwene, Pouen, Opone, Ophir?? probably somewhere in East Africa, possibly in the area of the Afar people, between Adulis and Djibouti, on the location of the ancient D’mt (Da’amat) kingdom and close to the Kush kingdom and its gold mines, where they could also find silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks. Other possible locations for Punt are Adulis, Mundus-Mosylium and Opone
3619 Diodorus insula, Gabaza island located in the bay of Zula and and now included into the continent under the name « Galala Hills » 6 km South of Zula. Was formerly located by scholars on Perim island
3620 Melita bay near Ras Nasiracurra
3621 Dellemi, Dilemmi island, SW of Port Smyth
3622 Ghelaelo in Howakil bay
3623 Antiphilus portus, unnamed “large bay” Haualik, Hanfileh, Anfile bay, NW of Tio
3624 Port of Colobonalsos, Cape Colobon Tio at Ras Anrata? Ptolemy locates Colobon at 2° of latitude North of Adulis, which does not correspond to any cape or promontary, but Strabo locates it very close to Antiphilus portus, hence Tio might be the right location
3625 Berenice of Saba, Panchrysos Eïd, Edd?
3626 Mersa Dudo
3627 Pythangelus Bera’isole? in Bahir Assoli Bay, could be the port of Pythangelus’ hunt (for elephants) located further inland as described by Strabo
3628 Ras Terma
3629 Sabae, Sabath Assab?
3630 Eumenusalsos, Port of Eumenes Unlocated, possibly between Saba and Arsinoe
3631 Arsinoe Ras Dumeira at Rahayta? Ptolemy locates Arsinoe at 20’ of latitude South of Dire, which corresponds to the lagoon of Godoria on the North coast of Djibouti near 12°09’ of latitude. He nevertheless mentions it North of Dire on his list … which makes some authors think the site is at Ras Dumeira. Monfreid’s Raheita
3632 Cape Dire, Deire, Berenice epi-Dires Ras Siyan, on the West side of Bab el-Mandeb, the Gate of Tears. Cape Dire is located in front of Cape Acila (Cheikh Saïd in Yemen) as Strabo indicates. It is also just in front of the six islands mentioned by Strabo. It provides good shelter against the eastern waves prevailing in this area. The place called Fagal is at 12°27’ of latitude and gives us a reference for locating other ports mentioned by Ptolemy
3633 Obock
3634 Guinni Koma, ile du Diable, inside Ghoubbet el-Karab, Monfreid’s Gubet Karab
3635 Port of Isis Djibouti? The Port of Isis is at ten days of navigation under oar (500-1000 km) from Adulis according to Pliny, which leads near Djibouti (at 660 km) with its two islands located just in front of the port, as indicated by Pliny
3636 Avalitae, Avalites, Abalites, Aualis Zeila, Saylac, in Somalia, 50 km East of Djibouti. Avalites seems to be located with some certainty at Zeila (in Somalia)  on a former island protected by a sand spit
3637 Malao Berbera, can be seen as the port of Hargeisa (inland) where Neolithic cave paintings have been found
3638 Khor Shoreh, Shoora
3639 Mundus, Mondou Emporion, below the Cal Madow frankincense production area, Land of Punt? Ophir?? Heis, Xiis. Other possible locations for Punt are Adulis and Opone
3640 Mosylium, Mosylon Emporion, below the Karkaar frankincense production area Elayo, Elayu? The black volcanic cliffs may have been taken for a promontory. Another possible location is Ras Hantara, Antara, 78 km NE of Elayo, below the Karkaar frankincense production area
3641 Psygmus, Psyglatus Qandala, Candala
3642 Daphnon Parvum Bandar Muriyeh, Murcaayo
3643 Cobe Xabo, Abot fort?
3644 Cape Elephas, Elephantas Ras Felug, Filuk, Filuch, el-Fil
3645 Acana, Acannae, Daphnon Magnum, Cinocephali waters Ras Alula, Bandar Ululah, Caluula
3646 Cape of Spices, Cap des Aromates Cape Guardafui, Ras Asir, Ras Caseyr
3647 Dioscoridis insula, Panchaia, Fortunate islands Isle of Socotra, Suqutra
3648 Kosh on Socotra island
3649 Hajriya Hadiboh on Socotra island
3650 Cape Tabae, Tabai Ras Chenarif
3651 Pano Ras Binna
3652 Opone: Pwenet, Pwene, Pouen, Opone, Ophir?? Land of Punt? Ras Hafun, other possible locations for Punt are Mundus, Mosylium and Adulis
3653 Sarapion Mogadishu?
3654 Essina, Apocopa near Baraawe and Merka?
3655 Toniki, Tonice, Nicon, Nikon Barawa, Brava?
3656 Pyraloi insulae Pate & Lamu islands?
3657 Pemba island
3658 Menuthias insula, Island of the Sun, Panara Unguja Ukuu, on Zanzibar island
3659 Mafiaco insula Ukunju cave, on Juani-Mafia island
3660 Rhapta, Rapta, capital city of Azania, Panchea archaeo finds at Kibiti (Chami, 1998), R Rufiji
3661 Quiloa Kilwa Kisiwani island & Songo Mnara island, this area of Swahili culture might be beyond the southern limit of pre-islamic trading ports as archaeology has not (yet?) found any older artefacts.
3662 Aelana, Aila, Elaea, Berenice, in the Laeanites Gulf, Ezion Geber? Aqaba
3663 Eloth, Elat, Ezion Geber? Tell el-Kheleifeh, Khulayfa, near Eilat
3664 Iotabe? Ezion Geber? Geziret Faraun, Pharaoh’s island, Coral island
3665 Yotbata? Fjord bay, 5 km NE of the Taba resort
3666 Ankale near Haql
3667 Nuweiba
3668 Tayyib al-Ism
3669 Tell el-Mashraba, near Dahab
3670 el-Kura
3671 Makna near Maqna
3672 Sharm el-Sheikh
3673 Isle of sea-calves (dugongs?), erroneously called ‘Duck Country’ by Photius Tiran island, at the entrance of the gulf of Aqaba?
3674 Isis insula Sanafir, Sinafir island?
3675 Soukabya insula Shusha island?
3676 Salydo insula Barqan island?
3677 Leuke Kome? Leucos Limen? Albus portus? Onne? Possibly bay of Aynunah near al-Khuraybah at 28°03’ of latitude. Ptolemy locates Leucos at 2°10’ of latitude North of Berenike, but that is on the other side of the Red Sea! Leuke Kome is not on the African side but on the Arabian side of the Red Sea as the road to Petra starts there. Nappo (2010) and Nehmé (2014) both locate it at al-Wajh, 300 km North of Yanbu.
3678 ash-Sharma
3679 as-Sawra
3680 Modiana? Madian? Hippos Kome? 5 km North of al-Muwaylih, Muwaila
3681 Sharm Yahar, al-Harr
3682 Modiana?
3683 Dabba, Modiana? Dhuba, Duba
3684 Ainos insula Geziret an-Numan?
3685 Sharm Dumaygh
3686 Hippos Kome Sharm Antar?
3687 Leuke Kome, Phoinikon Kome? Port of Hegra and Dadan? Sharm Wejh, al-Wajh? This location for Leuke Kome is preferred by Nappo and Nehmé. Egra is inland at Mada’in Saleh.
3688 Timagenes insula, Dia insula? island West of  Sharm Wejh, al-Wajh? This island might also correspond to Strabo’s description of Dia insula, depending on the position of Charmothas
3689 Ampelone, Ampelome Ras Habban?
3690 Egra Kome, Aigra, Akra? al-Qusayr, Qassir, oasis on R Wadi al-Hamd
3691 Raunathou Kome? near Ras Karkuma, Qurqumah
3692 al-Haura, Hawra
3693 Umm Lajj
3694 Sharm Hasy
3695 Sharm al-Khawr
3696 Zygaina insula Aiona reef?
3697 Charmothas, Charmute Sharm Yanbu, 15 km North of Yanbu.
This hypothetical area is close to Diodorus’ description:
> the total circumference is 23 km (close to his 100 stades);
> the central island might be now connected to the mainland on the NE side where siltation occurred over time, near the outlet of the wadi ;
> the total area might have been between 2000 and 3000 ha (ample space for his 2000 ships) ;
> the entrance is 300 m wide (more than his 200 feet = 60 m) but this depends much on coral growth which may have varied in time and with urbanisation.
3698 Iambia Kome? Iambe? Yanbu al-Bahr
3699 Kopar Kome? Coboea, Coboris? al-Jar
3700 Daimonon insula ? near al-Rayyis?
3701 Agar? Arga Kome? Sherm Rabegh, Rabigh
3702 al-Qadimah
3703 al-Jazeerah, near Ras Hatiba
3704 Sharm Abhur, Bihar
3705 Agar? Arga Kome? Polybius insula? Jeddah
3706 Abu Shauk
3707 Zambram, Zabram Basileion, Zadrame? Zahran at outlet of wadi Fatima, South of modern industrial port of Jeddah
3708 Marsa Qishran, in al-Sharifa lagoon
3709 Zambram, Zabram Basileion, Zadrame? Marsa Ibrahim, in al-Sharifa lagoon, near al-Lith
3710 Khor al-Humara, near Ghubbat al-Mahasin, Mohaisen
3711 Kentos Komé? Thebai? Tabis? Canauna (known for gold mining)? al-Qunfuda, Qunfudhah, al-Qanat, on wadi Kanawna, Qanauna
3712 Badeo Basileion? Khor al-Birk
3713 Marma? Ambe Kome? Kawz, Khor al-Jaafirah, Dana bay East of Ras Tarfa
3714 Mamala Kome? Mamaeum Litus? al-Luhayyah
3715 Saso, Sarso island
3716 Sajid, on Farasan Segid, Zekir island, Monfreid’s Seguid
3717 Praefectus Ferresani portus on Devade insulae, Hierakon insula? Roman naval base at Khor Farasan, on Farasan Kebir island, in front of Jizan
3718 Qumah, Kumakh island
3719 Dumsuq island, Monfreid’s Dumsuk
3720 Baitios & Akme, Fons Coralis? Khor al-Wahla, near al-Madaya, Monfreid’s Medy
3721 Exusta, Katakekaumene insula, Combusta insula, Ile Brulee, Burnt island at-Tair vulcano island NW of Hodeidah
3722 Uqban island, Monfreid’s Okban
3723 Camarum insula, Kardamine insula? Kamaran island
3724 Are insula al-Zubayr islands?
3725 Adedou Kome al-Hodeidah, Hudaydah, near outlet of wadi Siham
3726 Sokrates insula? Mujamila island
3727 Bolicas, Bulicas, port of the Himyarites, Homerites, Omerites, Pudnu? al-Ghulayfiqa
3728 Tongue island, near Monfreid’s Zoukour, Zuqar
3729 Malichos Duo, Malichou insulae Hanish islands?
3730 port of Zabida? al-Midamman, near Zabid
3731 Ailou Kome al-Khawkhah?
3732 Napegus Kome Maushij?
3733 Sacacia, Sakatiapolis between Jirdan and Yakhtul?
3734 Masala, Mouza, Muza, port of the Himyarites, Muhawan, Makhwan Mokha
3735 Sosippu Limen, Sosippi Monfreid’s Doubab, Dhubab is the only natural shelter between Murad/Ocelis and Mokha/Mouza.
3736 Pseudokelis between Murad and Dhubab
3737 Acila, Akila, Ocelis, Okelis, Akelis, Artemidore, Maddaban Khor Ghuraira, Cheikh Saïd, near Murad, South of Mokha and in front of Ras Siyan
3738 Adanos Duo, Sadanus insulae? Diodorus insula? Mayyun, on Perim island, and the second island (“Duo”) may have been the Cheikh Saïd peninsula now connected to the mainland
3739 Khor Omeira, Monfreid’s Kor Omeira
3740 Ras Imran
3741 Eudaimon Arabia, Porto, Adane Aden
3742 Mesala al-‘Asala, am-‘Asala
3743 Abisama, Ambisama, Ebisma Ras Sanbah?
3744 Bal Haf, Balihaf
3745 Qana, Cana, Qani, Kane, port of the Hadramawites Husn al-Ghurab, near Bir Ali
3746 PM: Saba, ancient city PM: Shabwa
3747 Ras Majdahah
3748 Khor al-Mukalla
3749 al-Shirh
3750 Trulla, Tralla portus? Ras Sharma
3751 Thialemath? al-Musayn’a
3752 Tritus, Tretos, Pretos portus? Ras Sharwayn
3753 Khaisat, South of Ras Fartak
3754 Syagrus, Syagros, Suagros Khalfat, on R Wadi Khalfut, North of Ras Fartak
3755 Ausara, Omana bay Al-Ghayda?
3756 Neogilla, Neogeiala Roman naval base at Damkot, Damqawt?
3757 Bosara, Boseude, Kosara, Koseude al-Maghsil?
3758 Salalah, Raysut
3759 al-Baleed
3760 Moscha, Abyssa, Sumhuram, below the Dhofar frankincense production area Khor Rori, at the outlet of Wadi Darbat
3761 Asich, Asichon Ras Hasik
3762 Serapis insula Mazirah island
3763 Ras al-Jinz
3764 Korodamon? Ras al-Hadd
3765 Sour
3766 Qalhat, near wadi Hilm
3767 Bandar Khairan
3768 Cryptus portus, Amithoscuta Muscat
3769 Batrasava? Dimma Seeb, Sib
3770 al-Suwadi, Sawadi
3771 Port Leupas al-Liwa, Lua, Sohar
3772 Khor Kalba
3773 Port of Mount Orsa Khor Fakkan, Chorfakan
3774 Dibba al-Hisn
3775 port of Goboea Cuscan according to Forster, Haffah Bay??
3776 Asabon, Asaborum, Maketa, Mane, Maka Prom. Jazirat al-Ghanam, Cape Musandam, Mussendom
3777 Port Machorbe al-Rams, Rhums
3778 Rhegma, Regama, Raamah al-Rams, Rhums acc. to Forster, Ras el-Khaïmah?
3779 Ommana, Omana, Omanum emporium? belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? al-Dur, ed-Dur, in Umm al-Quwain Emirate
3780 Jumeirah, Dubai
3781 Umm al-Nar
3782 Taboca, Cadara, belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? Qatar
3783 al-Uqayr, Uqair fort of uncertain date
3784 Gerrha, belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? Tell al-Zayer at Thaj, is not a port but a major trade city with a port probably located somewhere between Ras Tanura and Jubail
3785 Tylos, Tyrus insula, Arados insula, centre of the archaic Dilmun empire? Saar temple, Bahrain
3786 Ain as Sayh, near al-Khobar
3787 Dammam
3788 belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? Darin, on Tarout island
3789 Qatif
3790 Ayn Jawan
3791 Dosariyah
3792 Jabal Berri
3793 Burgan hill
3794 Akarum, Ichara, Ikaros, Icarus insula, belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? Tell Khazne, fort on the isle of Failaka, Koweith
3795 al-Khor, on the isle of Failaka, Koweith
3796 Itamos, Tamus portus, belonging to the archaic Dilmun empire? Koweith
3797 Tell Akkaz, Koweith
3798 Umm an-Namel, Koweith
3799 Subiyah
3800 Teredon, Diritotis, Didotis very uncertain location North of Bubiyan island
3801 Apologos very uncertain location near as-Zubayr
3802 R Euphrates and R Pasitigris, naviguable over a long distance R Euphrates and R Karun
3803 Forat near ad-Dayr, about 10 km downstreams of Charax
3804 Charax Spasinou, Alexandria, Antiochia Jebel Khayabir, about 15 km SE of al-Qurna and about 40 km NW of Basra
3805 Lagash Tell al-Hiba
3806 Ur, Uri Tell el-Muqayyar
3807 Uruk, Orchoe, Erech, Orikut Warka
3808 Borsippa, Burs Birs Nimrud
3809 Babylon, Babel Babylon
3810 Magastana insula, at mouth of lake Kataderbis Dara island?
3811 Mahruban, on R Oroatis, R Arosis, R Shirin submerged city, on R Hendiyan, R Tab
3812 Siniz, on R Brizana? Bandar Siniz, South of Bandar Daylam
3813 Jannaba, on R Rhogonis, Rogonis Bandar Ganaweh
3814 Arakia insula? Kharg island
3815 Toake, on R Granis R Dalaki
3816 Mesambria Bushir
3817 Antiocheia Persidos? near Bushir
3818 Rivard Ardashir, Ionaka? Rishir, Rishahr, Rayshahr
3819 R Padagrus North of Delvar
3820 Hieratis South of Delvar
3821 R Sitacus R Rodjanh
3822 R Areon near Bandar Dayer
3823 Gogana near Bandar Kangan
3824 Siraf, Tahiri Bandar Siraf
3825 Apostana South of Assalouyeh
3826 Ochus near Bostano?
3827 pearl fishers’ island Lavan island
3828 Eas, behind Kaikandros, Cecandrus insula Hendurabi island
3829 Kataia, Cataea insula Kish, Qeys island
3830 Sisidona, Sidodona Bandar Shenas
3831 unnamed insula Tunb island
3832 Oaracta insula, Oracta, Ogyris Qeshm island
3833 Organa insula, Jarun island Hormuz island
3834 Harmozeia, Harmozan, Armuzia, near R Anamis R Minab, near Kolahi
3835 Neoptana near Bandar e-Kargan
3836 Karpella Ras el-Kuh Mobarak, Bombareek
3837 Badis Cape Jask
3838 Dagaseira, Dagasira Port Lyrdf
3839 Troesi, Troea Khor Galak
3840 Kanate, Samydake, Caumatis, Kanthatis Tang
3841 Kanasida, Tysa, Tyz Tiz, Churbar bay
3842 Talmena, Kandriakes, Hydrianeus Beris
3843 Bageia Prom. Pasabandar
3844 Kyiza, Kuitza, Guitza Jiwani? inside Guttar, Gwatar bay
3845 Pishukan
3846 Kophas, Kophanta, Gophanta, Alambatera, Alabagium Prom. Kuh Batil at Gwadar
3847 Deren-Obila, Dendrobosa Daran, Duram
3848 Barna, Barada
3849 Balomus, Zorambos Zahrein, Chur
3850 Mosarna silted-up West of Ras Jaddi, near Pasni
3851 Karbis Pasni
3852 Kabyla, Kalama Kolpos, in front of Karmina insula Khor Kalmat, in front of Astola island
3853 Kolta
3854 Bagasira Ormara
3855 Stobera, on R Tomerus Kund Malir, on R Hingol
3856 Kokala, Horaia? Argenuus? inside Miani Hor
3857 Kabana
3858 Pagala near Gadani
3859 Morontobara, Gynaikon Limen near Gadani
3860 Sakala near Gadani
3861 Saranga near Gadani
3862 Domai, Coralliba insula Kaio islet
3863 Alexandrou Limen, Portus Macedonum, behind Bibakta insula Sunera, in front of Churna island
3864 Krokala insula near Karachi
3865 Patala, Pattala, Potana, on R Sinthos Thatta? on R Indus