Complete Data Base

This is a complete data base of over 4000 ancient ports, including ancient & modern place names, exact positions, bibliographical references, and remains still visible today.

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Key to Columns

NB Numbers are in sequence from  Northern Europe (Thulé) to the South (Notou Keras) with a clockwise movement around the Mediterranean Sea
NAME Ancient name: several names may be given but exhaustivity is not sought
NAME_MOD Modern name: city or approximate location
LATITUDE Latitude in decimal degrees. Negative latitudes are South
LONGITUDE Longitude in decimal degrees. Positive longitudes are East
FOUND. Date of founding of the place:  “-” = BC  (most dates are from DARE)
AUTH_ANC Ancient author(s): who explicitly mention a port
AUTH_MOD Modern author(s) listed in Bibliography: giving information about the place
DOC1_Papers Other modern author(s) with papers giving information about the place
DOC2_www Web sites giving information about the place
PLEIADES/PastPlace Web pages on Pleiades or PastPlace
DARE Web pages on Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire
COUNTRY Country & region in 2015
AM “a” = if ancient author(s) explicitly mention the port, “m” = if only modern author(s) mention the port
PP “p” = if modern nautical guides (“pilot”) mention an excellent shelter; if the modern author is “AdG”, then this place is a Potential Ancient Harbour
RE “r” = port remains still visible in 2012 (“rs” if submerged or silted up) (far from exhaustive information!)
  Type of visible port structures still visible (far from exhaustive!):
BW Breakwater, sometimes also called mole
QU Quay (masonry with docking on one side), pier or jetty (masonry with docking on two sides), and landing stage (wharf on piles)
PL Pila, made of marine concrete containing pumiceous volcanic ash
MO Mooring device (bollard, pierced block)
CN Canal (for navigation or basin flushing and/or desiltation)
SL Slipway to take ships in/out of the water
SH Shipshed (usually including slipway)
PH Lighthouse
CO Cothon, man-made basin cut into the rock

Note on Naming

According to Pleiades ( Places are geographical and historical contexts for Names and Locations. Places may have within their core some features of the physical world – a sea, a bay, a river, a mountain range, a pass, a road, a settlement or an ethnic region – but their primary quality is that, in the words of Yi-fu Tuan, they are constructed by human experience. Places may be no larger than a family dwelling or as big as an empire, be temporally enduring or fleeting. They may expand, contract and evolve over time. A place may be unnamed, unlocated, falsely attested or even mythical.
A place is defined by its name and its location.  – A Location is a current or former, concrete spatial entity. The midline of a river channel is a location. The center of a bridge’s span is a location. The perimeter of a walled settlement is a location. Every location belongs to a place. The highest point of a mountain summit, for example, would be a location while the entirety of the mountain: its faces, ridges, couloirs, and forested slopes – and its significance in human history – would be the place context.
The position of a location is defined on a map by its latitude/longitude coordinates in degrees. In this work, we use the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84) with decimal degrees with 6 decimal digits. The 5th decimal digit yields an accuracy in the order of one meter (for latitudes).

Database Statistics

Total number of places: 4194
Nb ports explicitly mentioned by ancient authors: 1520
Nb of excellent shelters not (yet) listed as ancient harbour or anchorage: 213

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1Tyle, ThuleIceland? Pliny and Strabo, who cite Pytheas (ca 350 BC?), place Thule at 6 navigation days from (Great) Britain, which may be 400-600 nautical miles. Iceland is at 450 miles North of Scotland. The mention of six months long days and nights means a position beyond the Arctic Circle, which corresponds better to Iceland than to the Shetland islands.63.27477-14.761314 Pytheas cited by: Strabo, Geogr, 1, 4 & 2, 5 ; Polybius, Hist, 34, 5 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 2, 77 & 99 & 4, 27BAtlas locates it in the Shetland islandsJournes (2000)
1.1Baltia?Tanum, bronze age rock carvings showing many ships58.70129211.340696 Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 27
1.2Basileia, Basilia, Ile RoyaleSambia, Samland? Famous for amber54.920 Pytheas cited by: Pliny, Hist Nat, 30, 7Journes (2000)
1.3Abalus insulaIsle of Helgoland?54.18257.88528 -30Pytheas cited by: Pliny, Hist Nat, 37, 11
2Mararmano, Manarmani Hoge Berg near Den Burg? On the Isle of Texel in The Netherlands between R Vidro (R Oude Rijn?) and R Amisius (R Eems)53.0414854.825152 Marcian, Peripl, 2, 32Lehmann, Trethewey
3Uitgeest-Groot Dorregeest52.5358474.723479
4Flevum Velsen, West of Amsterdam52.4588674.66667515Seinen (2014)
4.1Lugdunum Batavorum, Brittenburg, Callasubmerged offshore Katwijk, near the outlet of R Oude Rijn (R Old Rhine) which was the northern limit of the Roman empire and was navigable over a long distance, with many river ports52.2134764.393244 Trethewey
4.2Praetorium AgrippinaeValkenburg, Marktveld52.1792144.433016 Seinen (2014)
4.3Matilo, on Corbulo canal between R Rhine and R MaasLeiden, Roomburg52.1497114.518406 Seinen (2014)
4.4AlbanianaAlphen a/d Rijn52.1291674.661389 Seinen (2014)
4.5Nigrum PullumZwammerdam52.1054.715833 Seinen (2014)
4.6LauriumWoerden, Kruittorenweg & Havenstraat52.0850744.882274 Seinen (2014)
4.7FletioUtrecht, Hoge Woerd52.0875465.041766 Seinen (2014)
4.8FectioVechten52.0561115.165556 Seinen (2014)
5LevefanumWijk bij Duurstede51.96255.352778
5.2Carvo, CarvoneKesteren51.9297225.5625
5.3Castra HerculisArnhem, Meinerswijk51.9708335.873611
5.4CarviumBijlandse Waard51.872796.079084
5.5Castra Vetera, Colonia Ulpia TrajanaXanten, Archäologischen Park51.6681646.445144 Seinen (2014)
5.6CeuclumRoman bridge at Cuijk51.7291465.884253 Seinen (2014)
5.7Oppidium BatavorumNijmegen, Hunnerpark51.8469925.872771
5.8NoviomagusNijmegen, Maasplein51.8500145.844215
5.9Grinnes, GrinnibusRossum51.8011115.349167
6Forum Hadriani Park Arentsburgh, at Voorburg52.0590034.34862 Lendering
6.3Flenio, FleniumVlaardingen?51.9127774.345167
7Helinio submerged offshore of Oostvoorne51.92334.0686 Lendering
8“Oude Wereld” submerged offshore Goeree51.8428423.933839-30Lendering
9Ganuenta submerged at 1.5 km NW of Colijnsplaat51.61753.8238-30Lendering
10Romanorum portus“De Roompot” submerged offshore Domburg on the Isle of Walcheren51.604963.604765 TretheweyLendering
11Rodanum? Aardenburg51.2742143.448188-30Lendering
12Maldegem-Vake51.2229793.424703 Lendering
13Aldenburgensis Roman fort on the sea side at Oudenburg51.18408263.0031545300
14Albion, Britannia Great Britain51.11.0E-6 Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 30 ; Caesar, Guerre des Gaules, 5, 1 & 2, & 8 to 11
15Erin, Ierne, Hibernia, Hivernione, Insula SacraIreland53-8 Strabo, Geogr, 1, 4 & 2, 5 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 102-103 ; Ptol, Geogr, 2, 2; Tacitus, Agricola ; Avienus, Ora Maritima
16 Orcades Orcades islands, North Scotland59.074366-3.196805 Antonine, Itin Mar
16.1Devana, DevoniAberdeen57.147354-2.049944
16.2Dun, on Montrose Basin56.713873-2.513338
17Horrea ClassisCarpow 56.34676-3.28442-30
18Velunia, Veluniate Carriden House, at the eastern end of Antonine's wall56.01-3.5645-30
19Cramond 55.9776-3.3-30
20Inveresk 55.954342-3.078588
21Segedunum Wallsend, on R Tyne at the eastern end of Hadrien's wall, near Newcastle54.987649-1.532072-30Cleere
22Arbeia South Shields55.00481-1.431636-30
23possible lighthouse at Huntcliff 54.593847-0.958751300Christiansen, Trethewey
24possible lighthouse at Goldsborough 54.539743-0.724599300Christiansen, Trethewey
25possible lighthouse at Ravenscar 54.417024-0.494221300Christiansen, Trethewey
26possible lighthouse at Scarborough 54.2872-0.3877300Christiansen, Trethewey
27Portus Felixpossible lighthouse at Filey Brigg54.2125-0.2733300Christiansen, Trethewey
28Gabrantiucorum portuosus sinus, Praesidium, PraetoriumBridlington?54.083127-0.159821 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 3
29Petuaria on R AbusBrough on R Humber, Roman naval base53.722784-0.587793-30Cleere, PitassiHalkon (2011)
29.1Faxfleet on R Humber53.704728-0.690123 PitassiHalkon (2012)
29.2Winteringham on R Humber53.697982-0.588842 Pitassi
29.3Gibraltar Point, near Skegness53.0823860.321939
29.4Holme next the Sea, with possible lighthouse at Thornham52.9748780.521708 Trethewey
30Branodunum Brancaster52.9640.6523300Cleere
31Caister on Sea, North of Great Yarmouth, might have had a Roman port? 52.651.719-30Cleere
32Gariannum Burgh Castle, West of Great Yarmouth52.5824961.651465300Cleere
33Sitomagus?Aldeburgh, near Saxmundham, might have had a Roman port?52.1524031.617589
34Walton Castle, North of Felixstowe 51.9728431.386888300
34.1Ad Ansamnear Higham51.97690.9674-30
35port of Camulodunum Fingringhoe Wick, near Colchester51.8352370.974523 Cleere
36Heybridge-Maldon, South of Colchester might have had a Roman port?51.7205240.707788
37Othona portus Bradwell on Sea, South of Colchester51.73540.9402300Cleere, Hazlitt
37.1Hadleigh with possible lighthouse51.5442250.608844 Trethewey
38Londinium London river port on the Thames51.507059-0.085691-30Cleere
38.1Noviomagus CantiacorumDartford51.4510.178-30
38.2VagniacisSpringhead, near Southfleet51.4280.3252-30
39Durobrivae Rochester, on R Medway51.390.5014-30Cleere
39.1DurolevumOspringe, South of Faversham51.31430.8614
40Regulbiumpossible lighthouse at Reculver, West of Margate51.37951.2-30Cleere, Trethewey
40.1Tanatus insula, Toliapis? Taniatide?Isle of Thanet, now connected to mainland51.3659141.402771-30
41Rutupiae, Ritupium Roman naval base at Richborough, South of Margate51.2930581.332414-30Antonine, Itin MarCleere, Pitassi
42Portus Dubris, home port of Classis Britannica fleet Dover: port at the outlet of R Dour, with its famous ancient lighthouse51.128381.322939-30Cleere, Christiansen, Trethewey, Pitassi
43Portus Lemanis Stutfall Castle, Lympne51.0722711.023662-30Cleere, Hazlitt
44Anderidos, Anderitum Pevensey50.8190350.33269300Cleere
45Novus portus Portslade, near Brighton50.821313-0.241879 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 3Hazlitt
45.1Submerged offshore Selsey50.717046-0.789269
46Villa Regis Cogidubni, port of Noviomagus Regnorum Fishbourne, near Chichester50.836576-0.809091-30Cleere
47Magnus portus Bosham Harbour?50.826396-0.862719 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 3
47.1Hayling island50.821-0.9723-30
48Portus Adurni, ArdaoniPortchester Castle, Roman naval base50.838576-1.11236300Cleere, Pitassi
49Vectis, Vecta insulaIsle of Wight, probably Newport50.702611-1.291088-30Antonine, Itin Mar
49.1Brading, on the isle of Wight50.681425-1.143245-30
49.2Ventnor, on the isle of Wight50.599-1.184
49.3Gurnard, on the isle of Wight50.7563-1.33348
50Clausentum?Bitterne Manor House50.918856-1.383974-30Cleere
50.2Hengistbury Head50.71575-1.75477
51Hamworthy, near Poole50.7095-2.0014 Cleere
52Port of DurnovariaWeymouth, near Dorchester50.60955-2.44266 Cleere
52.1Vindelis, Vindilis?Isle of Portland, near Chesil beach50.57147-2.44514 Antonine, Itin Mar
53Isca Dumnoniorum Exeter, with a port at Topsham on R Exe50.674872-3.463765 Cleere
53.2Restormel Castle50.42171-4.67044
53.4Ictis, Mictis (export of Tin)St. Michael's Mount, Marazion50.12079-5.477664
54Silina insula, Sicdelis, Cassiterides islands?Isles of Scilly, West of Cornwall49.929793-6.321576 Antonine, Itin Mar
54.1Trevelgue Head, near Newquay50.427163-5.068133
54.2St Gennys Roman fortlet, near Crackington Haven50.7172-4.6492
54.3Morwenstow Roman fortlet50.8984-4.5613
54.4Clovelly Dikes Roman fortlet50.9855-4.407
54.5Martinhoe Roman fortlet51.2275-3.9159
54.6Old Burrow Roman fortlet at Countisbury51.2305-3.7371
54.7Grabbist Hill, near Dunster51.1831-3.4566
55Port of Iscalis?Combwich, in front of Cardiff might have had a Roman port?51.209712-3.078005
56Abona Sea Mills, near Bristol51.479076-2.647552-30Cleere
57Venta Silurum Caerwent51.61193-2.770131-30Cleere
57.1Isca SilurumCaerleon51.608382-2.955344-30
58Tamion? Tamium?Cardiff51.481974-3.180951-30
59Barry 51.3904-3.296-30
59.1Port of Bomium?Porthcawl, near Bridgend51.4885-3.6716-30
60Nido, Nidum Neath51.664-3.81167-30Cleere
61Moridunum Carmarthen51.855046-4.303504-30Cleere
61.1Trelissey, near Amroth51.73956-4.64462
61.2Wiston Roman fortlet51.83176-4.86616
61.3Erglodd Roman fortlet52.49418-3.9863
62Maglona?Cefn-Caer Farm, Roman fort near Pennal52.583039-3.913019 Cleere
62.1Birthdir Roman fort52.75336-3.82089
62.2Tremadoc Roman villa52.9392-4.14817
62.3Castell Odo-4.6920852.82319
62.4possible lighthouse at Dinas Dinlle53.081515-4.335068 Christiansen, Trethewey
63Segontiumpossible lighthouse at Caernarfon53.137919-4.265732-30Cleere, Christiansen, Trethewey
63.2Mona insulapossible lighthouse at Caer y Twr on Holyhead Mountain53.313348-4.67553 Christiansen, Trethewey
63.3Mona insulaCaer Gybi Roman fort53.31138-4.63246300
63.4Mona insulapossible lighthouse at Pen Bryn-Yr-Eglwys53.40165-4.5688 Trethewey
63.5Llanfihangel Din Sylwy, Bwrdd Arthur53.310836-4.123287
64Canovium, Conovium Caerhun Roman fort53.21615-3.834216-30Cleere
65port of Varis?Prestatyn, might have had a Roman port?53.346748-3.409645
66Deva Victrix Chester53.185123-2.889503-30Cleere
66.2Wilderspool, near Liverpool53.384103-2.578481-30Cleere
67Walton le Dale53.748433-2.682471
68Setantiorum portus Possibly submerged North of Fleetwood?53.929154-3.023348 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 3
69Calunium Lancaster Roman fort54.049839-2.805273-30Cleere
69.1Alauna? Alone?Watercrook Roman fort54.3095-2.748-30
70Monaoeda, Monobia, Manavia insulaIsle of Man54.177-4.525
71Glannoventa Ravenglass Roman fort54.3507-3.4042-30Cleere
71.1TunnocelumBeckermet Roman fort54.4268-3.5418
72Gabrosentum Moresby Roman fort, near Parton54.574049-3.575653-30
73Magis Burrow Walls Roman fort, near Workington54.655534-3.546036-30
74Alauna, Alione Maryport, on the Firth of Solway54.720654-3.493931-30Cleere
75Bibra? Bribra?Beckfoot Roman fort54.8261-3.41861-30
75.1Portus Trucculensis?Angerton, Kirkbride54.904395-3.20395-30Tacitus, Agricola, 37
76Maia Bowness on Solway, Roman fort at the West end of Hadrien's wall54.955173-3.212298-30
77Congavata, ConcavataDrumburgh Roman fort54.928102-3.14894-30
77.1Caerlaverock Roman fort54.975622-3.523963
78Dalbeattie, might have had a Roman port?54.927372-3.832843
78.1Loucovium?Glennlochar Roman fort54.9593-3.977201
78.2Gatehouse of Fleet Roman fortlet54.8913-4.19134
78.3Newton Stewart Roman fortlet54.959564-4.481711
78.4Glenluce Roman fortlet54.87664-4.818463
78.6Girvan Mains Roman fortlet55.25175-4.854
78.7ClotageniumOld Kilpatrick, at the West end of Antonine's wall55.926311-4.465387-30
79 Clota in Hiverione Isle of Arran, in the Firth of Clyde near Glasgow55.61249-5.25844 Antonine, Itin Mar
79.1Port Ellen, on isle of Islay55.628-6.2
80Oiasso, Olarso, Oeason, Oyarzun Estuary of R Bidasoa, Irun43.340007-1.787856-30Strabo, Geogr, 3, 4Blackman NortharXX
80.1Forua43.3312-2.6752-30 Northm
81Portuondo 43.404148-2.696571-30 Northm
81.1Berreaga43.41542-2.90927-330 Northm
82Flaviobriga, Portus Amanum, Port of the AmanesCastro Urdiales43.382168-3.206565-330Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 34 Northa
82.1Punta Pilota43.4139-3.33494 Northm
82.2TraiectumTreto43.3936-3.4735 Northm
83Portus Victrix, Portus Victoriae Iuliobrigensium, Port of Juliobrigiens' VictorySantander43.448146-3.826714-30Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 34Hazlitt Northa
84Portus Blendium Suances43.442708-4.037401-30Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 34 Northa
85Portus Veseiasueca San Vicente de la Barquera43.395049-4.38077-330Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 34 Northa
85.1Castillo de Prellezo, Val de San Vicente43.39422-4.45218 Northm
85.2Pico Castiello, Moriyón, Villaviciosa43.4956-5.38573 Northm
86Gigia Gijon43.544532-5.659986-30Ochoa (1994) Northm
87NoegaCampa Torres, Gijon, with lighthouse Torre Augusto 43.5692-5.704-330Christiansen, Trethewey NorthmrX
87.1Roman villa at Banugues, Gozon43.6358-5.8077Ochoa (1994) Northm
88El Castillo de San Martín, Soto del Barco43.54217-6.07571 Northm
88.1Flavionavia Santianes, Pravia43.505312-6.097233-30 Northm
89Starbanhom Roman villa with a port near Playa de Area, Viveiro43.692323-7.582917 Ochoa (1994) NorthmrX
89.1Portus Artaboi, Port of the Artabres Coido de Bares43.771659-7.668622 Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3 ; Ptol, Geogr, 2, 6Ochoa (1994)Acinas Garcia (2007) NortharX
90Roman villa at Espasante43.7179-7.8114Ochoa (1994)Spain Northm
90.1Maior, Coto da Croa43.645252-7.895654 Northm
90.2Roman villa at San Xeao de Trebo chapel43.7606-7.86327 Angeles Vazquez (2005)Spain Northm
90.3Roman villa at CarinoOchoa (1994)Spain Northm
90.4El Ferrol43.476774-8.255077 Northmp
90.5Caldoval, East of Mugardos43.46-8.2423 Northmr
90.6Roman villa at Noville43.45596-8.22694 Ochoa (1994) Northm
90.7Roman villa at Centrona43.40965-8.19359300Ochoa (1994) Northm
91BrigantumLa Coruna, Corogna, Corogne, with its famous ancient lighthouse Torre Hercules43.36588-8.39013-330Blackman, Christiansen, TretheweyAngeles Vazquez (2005) NorthmrX
92Castellum Aviliobris Cores, near Ponteceso43.251118-8.903292-330 Northm
92.1Camarinas43.132356-9.172238 AdG Northmp
93Artabron Limen, Portus Artaboi, Port of the Artabres Finisterre42.917457-9.25156-330Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3 ; Ptol, Geogr, 2, 6 Northa
94Portus Ebora, Noouion Noia in the Ria de Muros y Noya42.781443-8.891668-30Mela, Geogr, 3, 2 Northa
95Castro Barona 42.6945-9.0318 Northm
96GlandimirumPontecesures42.7245-8.6524-30 Northm
96.1Turris Augusti, Torres del Oeste Catoira, Pontevedra42.6766-8.725-30Pena Northm
96.2Roman villa at Villagarcia de Arosa42.599-8.774Ochoa (1994)Spain Northm
96.3Roman villa at Praia do Naso, on Arosa, Arousa island42.5729-8.8811Ochoa (1994)Spain Northm
96.4Isla Toxa Grande42.487487-8.844113 AdG Northmp
96.5Roman villa at Adro Vello42.4777-8.9311 Ochoa (1994) Northm
97A Lanzada 42.431958-8.88126-330 Northm
97.1Ad Duos PontesPontevedra42.436096-8.647116-30 Northmp
97.2Pintens, near La Barra and Hio42.283-8.832300Ochoa (1994) Northm
97.3Igresina, Nerga, CangasOchoa (1994)Spain Northm
97.4Ensenada de San Simon42.303984-8.63775 AdG Northmp
97.5Roman villa at Vilar, Vigo42.274Ochoa (1994)Spain Northm
98Vicus Spacorum Alacabre, Vigo42.2258-8.7659-330Ochoa (1994) Northm
98.1Roman villa at Isla de Toralla42.201-8.8005 Northm
98.2Roman villa at Panxon42.143-8.824-30Ochoa (1994) Northm
99Tude, Castellum TydeTui42.0448-8.641-30 Northmp
100R Baenis, Minius, navigableR Mino, Minho, near Caminha41.868573-8.85214 Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3Pena
101R Lethe, R Limeas, R OblivioSanta Luzia, above Viana do Castelo on R Lima 41.688542-8.834348 Pinheiro-Blot
102Sao Lourenco, above Esposende on R Cavado 41.536397-8.796086 Pinheiro-Blot
102.1Roman villa at Menedi41.45538-8.75615
102.2Roman villa, Alto de Martim Vaz41.38774-8.77047-30
103Vila do Conde on R Ave 41.335021-8.753453 Pinheiro-Blot
103.1Roman villa, Fontão de Antela, near Praia de Angeiras41.2593-8.72016 Trakadas
103.2Lordelo do Ouro, near Porto41.15286-8.64909
104Portus Galum, Portus Cale, estuary of R Douro Porto41.14057-8.61291-330Pena
105R Durius, navigableR Douro41.1412-8.5835 Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3
105.1Povoado da Torre40.69102-8.5983
106Talabriga Marnel at Lamas do Vouga, near Aveiro40.633151-8.470014-30Pinheiro-Blot
106.1Santa Olaia40.17075-8.7197-700Wachsmann (2009)Portugalm
106.2Nossa Senhora do Desterro40.17534-8.68366-30
107Aeminium on R Mondego Coimbra40.205265-8.429767-30Pinheiro-Blot
108Conimbriga between Figueira da Foz and Coimbra40.099665-8.494551-750Pinheiro-Blot
109Parreitas, Lagoa de Pederneira, near Nazare, Alcobaca 39.57536-9.0252 Pinheiro-Blot
110Alfeizerao, near Sao Martinho do Porto39.510693-9.137873 Pinheiro-Blot
111port of Eburobrittium Obidos39.40702-9.208855-30Pinheiro-Blot
112Morracal da Ajuda, Peniche, Roman amphora kiln39.363529-9.380768 Pinheiro-Blot, Trakadas, FabiaoCardoso (2005)
112.1Londobris inulae, Saturno insulaeBerlenga island, with possible lighthouse at Moinho Roman site39.412-9.507-550TretheweyBugalhao (2011)
113Lourinha 39.256949-9.343581 Pinheiro-Blot
114Torres Vedras on R Sizandro 39.108058-9.407069 Pinheiro-Blot
114.1Roman villa, Santo Andre de Almocageme38.80022-9.46816
114.2Roman villa, Villa dos Casais Velhos, near Guincho38.72635-9.46414 Trakadas
114.3Casa do Governator da Torre de Belem38.6948-9.2146 Trakadas, FabiaoPortugalm
115Olissippo, Olisipo, Oliosipon, Ulyssippo, Felicitas JuliaLisbon, Nucleo Arqueologico, 21 rua dos Correeiros, in the basement of the Millennium Bank where a garun factory was located on the left bank of a local tributary of R Tage flowing under the present day rua Augusta.38.710055-9.137244-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3Trakadas, Fabiao
116Roman villa, Sacavem 38.788791-9.083167-30Pinheiro-Blot
117Roman villa, Povos, at Vila Franca de Xira on R Tage 38.96686-8.98503 Pinheiro-Blot
117.1Porto dos Cacos, Alcochete38.689-8.848
118Abona, Aquabona near Coina38.611187-9.053645-30
118.1Quinta do Rouxinol, Seixal, Roman amphora kiln38.643474-9.14463 FabiaoRaposo (2009
119Quinta do Almaraz, Cacilhas, Almada 38.682-9.1441 Pinheiro-Blot, Trakadas
119.1Alfarim38.489-9.19 TrakadasPortugalm
120Barbarium Prom., Pirgo BarbarionCape Espichel, with ancient lighthouse 38.416065-9.216196 Pena, Trethewey
120.1Creiro38.48147-8.97674 Trakadas, Fabiao
120.2Comenda38.5057-8.9255 Trakadas, Fabiao
121Caetobriga Setubal38.52311-8.88873-750Trakadas, Fabiao
121.2Zambujalinho, Roman amphora kiln38.5688-8.7318 FabiaoPortugalm
121.3Herdade do Pinheiro38.48-8.71504 Fabiao
121.4Abul38.42831-8.68165-700FabiaoWachsmann (2009)
121.5Xarrouqueira, Vale da Cepa, Roman amphora kiln38.4115-8.57 FabiaoPortugalm
122Salacia Alcacer do Sal, upstream of Setubal on R Sado38.367871-8.514263-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon, Trakadas, Fabiao
123Troia, large Roman fish processing factory38.4863-8.88474-30Trakadas, Fabiao
124SinusSines 37.95489-8.86614-30Trakadas, Fabiao
125Poetanion, Paetion, Anion, Patulus portus Pessegueiro island37.7214-8.786 Avienus, Ora MaritimaTrakadas
126Atlantis, Atlantide Mythical site located by Plato beyond the Pillars of Hercules and by Diodore at several days of navigation near West Afrika, but the location of this island is still much debated (perhaps somewhere between R Guadiana and R Guadalquivir in the Tartessos country, some locate it at Nea Kameni on Santorini island)37.012271-9.119122 Solon mentioned by Plato, Timee & Critias ; Diodorus, Hist, 5, 15
127Sacrum Prom.Praia de Beliche, Belixe, near Sagres, near Cape Sao Vicente, San Vincente, seems the first landing place in this area, it also features Roman ruins37.024181-8.965753-550Strabo, Geogr, 3, 0Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
127.1Martinhal and Baleeira islet, with a Roman amphora kiln37.0197-8.9251-550Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
127.1Roman villa at Boca do Rio, Salema, Budens37.06602-8.81016-30Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
127.2Roman amphora kiln at Burgau37.0696-8.7747 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosPortugalm
127.3Senhora da Luz37.08605-8.72887-30Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
128port of Lacobriga Lagos37.1015-8.6703-30Fabiao, Medeiros
129Ipses, Portus Hannibalis? Vila Velha, Alvor37.129-8.598 Trakadas, FabiaoPortugalm
129.1Roman villa at Quinta da Abicada, near Mexilhoeira Grande37.15129-8.59694-30Pinheiro-Blot, Trakadas, Medeiros
129.2Vau, Alvor37.1187-8.558 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosPortugalm
129.3Roman villa at Baralha37.17344-8.54192 MedeirosPortugalm
130Portus Hannibalis, Port of Annibal, Portus MagnusPortimao37.1372-8.5337-330Mela, Geogr, 3, 1Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
130.1Roman villa at Ferragudo37.1183-8.52175-30Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
130.2Rosario, Roman ruins37.10775-8.51862 MedeirosPortugalm
130.3CilpesCerro da Rocha Branca, near Silves37.18241-8.442464-30Fabiao
130.4Armacao de Pera37.1-8.357 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosPortugalm
130.5Santa Eulalia, Roman ruins37.0877-8.2157 MedeirosPortugalm
131Cerro da Vila, Vilamoura37.080191-8.121227-30Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosTeichner (2009)
131.1Quarteira Submersa, at 8 to 10 m waterdepth37.0644-8.1056 Trakadas, Medeiros, Brandon
131.2Loule Velho37.0557-8.078 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosPortugalm
131.3Porto de Farrobilhas37.038-8.07 Trakadas, FabiaoPortugalm
131.4Tejo do Praio, Quinta do Lago, Almancil37.0284-8.01146 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosArruda (2003)Portugalm
132Ossonoba Faro37.012677-7.936769-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
132.1Doca de Olhao37.0247-7.8349 MedeirosPortugalm
132.2Quinta do Marim, Quelfes, near Olhao37.033446-7.812116-30Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
132.3Alfanxia, near Fuseta37.051355-7.74195 TrakadasPortugalm
133Balsa Quinta das Antas, Torre d'Aires, near Luz de Tavira37.0829-7.6972-30Trakadas, Fabiao, Medeiros
133.1Pedras d'El Rei37.0926-7.6763 MedeirosPortugalm
133.2Tavira37.125552-7.650931 Trakadas, FabiaoPappa (2012)
133.3Roman villa at Quinta do Muro, Cacela Velha37.1578-7.5463 Trakadas, Fabiao, MedeirosPortugalm
133.4Roman villa at Quinta da Manta Rota, near Cacela Velha37.1615-7.5166 FabiaoPortugalm
133.5Roman villa at Sao Bartolomeu, near Castro Marim37.19385-7.48 Trakadas, MedeirosPortugalm
134Baesuris, Esuris, on R AnaeCastro Marim, on R Guadiana, navigable37.218912-7.441504-600Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Trakadas, FabiaoWachsmann (2009)
134.1Isla Cristina37.206216-7.327774 AdG Southmp
134.2El Rompido, near Cartaya37.214239-7.125718 AdGSpain Southmp
135Onuba, Tartessos?Huelva37.254237-6.963233-330Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Trakadas Southa
136Ilipula, Ilipla minor Niebla37.36302-6.680405-550 Southm
136.1Tartessos?Cerro del Trigo? in Donana park36.989476-6.44363-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Trakadas Southa
137Olontigi Aznalcazar37.308446-6.255266-330 Southm
138Caura Coria del Rio37.290481-6.054497-330 Southm
139Palomares del Rio 37.32103-6.05819-30 Southm
140Osset San Juan de Aznalfarache37.356791-6.041858-330 Southm
141El Carambolo 37.392088-6.039557-750 Southm
142Hispalis Sevilla, on R Guadalquivir37.388205-5.990519-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Gonzalez (2010) Southa
143Italica Santiponce37.441289-6.046355-330 Southm
144Ilipa magna Alcala del Rio, on R Guadalquivir37.517104-5.976196-550Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2 Southa
145Orippo Torre de los Herberos, at Dos Hermanas37.274132-6.004301-330 Southm
146Maribanez, near Los Palacios y Villafranca37.137498-5.892528-30 Southm
146.1Las Torres de Alocaz, Las Cabezas de San Juan36.988705-5.830079-750Caro Bellido (1985) Southm
146.2Roman villa at Carrascona36.9748-5.9809-30 Southm
146.3Roman villa at Loma de la Vina36.9477-6.0128-30 Southm
147Nabrissa Veneria Lebrija, on R Guadalquivir 36.91956-6.078194-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 & 3.2Alonso&Menanteau (2010)Caro Bellido (1985) Southa
148Conobaria, Colobana Cerro de las Vacas, near Trebujena36.892891-6.18003-330Caro Bellido (1985) Southm
149Asta Regia, Hasta, on the ancient Via AugustaCortijo el Rosario, Mesas de Asta, with a causeway and quay at El Muelle36.78649-6.18147-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 & 3, 2Alonso&Menanteau (2010)Caro Bellido (1985) SoutharX
150Aipora, Ebora, on Lacus Ligustinus, now silted upCortijo de Ebora, near Las Marismas36.792222-6.289572-750Alonso&Menanteau (2010)Caro Bellido (1985) Southm
150.1Luciferi Fanum, Templo del Lucero, Lux Dubiae, PhosphorosEl Tesorillo de la Algaida, near Sanlucar de Barrameda36.87087-6.289902-330TrakadasAlonso&Menanteau (2010)Caro Bellido (1985) Southm
151Pirgo CaepinoSalmedina islet, in front of Chipiona, on the South bank of the outlet of R Guadalquivir, with possible ancient lighthouse 36.735213-6.471809-330Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Mela, Geogr, 3, 1Pena, Christiansen, TretheweyAlonso&Menanteau (2010)Caro Bellido (1985) SouthaX?
151.1Astaroth, Speculum RotaeRota36.619393-6.351295 Southm
152Cimbis, Cimbios ? near Gades, perhaps near Rota?36.607668-6.462312 Livy, Hist, 28, 37 Southa
153Portus Menesthei, Portus Menesteus, port of Menesthee probably Puerto Santa Maria, at the outlet of R Guadalete36.593233-6.225933 Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Ptol, Geogr, 2, 4 ; Marcian, Peripl, 2, 9BAtlas locates it on the rocks at 2.5 km West of the ancient lighthouse of Caepion, TretheweySpain SouthaX
154Portus Gaditanus Castillo de Doña Blanca, on R Guadalete, which moved southwards36.627211-6.159878-330Mela, Geogr, 3, 1Carayon, PenaBernal (2012)Bernal (2012) locates it at Puerto Santa Maria Southa
155Portus Gaditanus El Gallinero, Puerto Real shipyard in the Bay of Cadix36.530112-6.199803 Pena, Trakadas Southm
155.1Roman villa at Puente Melchor36.5215-6.16274 Southm
155.2Ad PontemPuente Zuazo, San Fernando36.46946-6.18502-30 Southm
156Tartessos, Tartessus, Tarsis, insula Antipolis, archaic TarshishIsle of Leon at San Fernando? The R Guadalquivir is called R Baetis by the Romans and R Tartessos by the Phoenicians before them. Tartessos is also the name of an ancient tribe who lived in this area of Huelva-Sevilla-Cadix. The ancient city of Tartessos is located with some uncertainty on the present Isle of Leon at San Fernando, South of the bay of Cadix (e.g. Yacimiento de Los Cargaderos on the East side). This island was once detached from the coast. However, Avienus indicates in his Ora Maritima That Tartessus is the ancient name of Gaddir. Pliny the Elder locates Tartessos at Carteia the the Bay of algeciras (Nat Hist, 3, 3). Some believe it is Huelva.36.448827-6.202366 Herodotus, Hist, 1, 163 & 4, 152 ; Avienus, Ora Maritima ; Bible, Isaïe, 60,9PenaBernal (2012) SoutharX
156.1Roman villa at Cerro de los Martires36.44052-6.21973-30 Southm
157Gadir, Gadira, Gades, Erytheia, EriteiaCadiz, Cadix, ancient canal of Bahia-Caleta. Initially, Gadir was an island as indicated by Strabo who speaks about « the Isle of the gaditans » (Geogr, 3, 2). Port remains were found at c/ Sagasta 96-98. Also an ancient lighthouse.36.529554-6.300888-750Caesar, Guerre d’Espagne, 37 ; Strabo, Geogr, 3, 5 ; Diodorus, Hist, 25 ; Avienus, Ora Maritima ; Scylax, PeriplCarayon, Pena, Trakadas, Trethewey, Bernal (2012) SoutharXX
157.1Sancti-Petri36.397146-6.206802 AdG Southmp
157.2Ad HerculemNovo Sancti-Petri36.35162-6.16343-30 Southm
158Mercablum, Merifabion near Conil de la Frontera36.276535-6.112723-30 Southm
159Juno, Junonis Prom.Cape Trafalgar, with ancient lighthouse 36.183199-6.035151-330Trakadas, Trethewey SouthmX
160Baesippo, Port Besippon Barbate36.190887-5.914238-30Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 3Trakadas Southa
161Baelo Claudia, Belone Bolonia, large Roman fish processing factory with slipway now eroded by the sea36.08774-5.775135-330Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Antonine, Itin MarPena, Flemming, TrakadasAlonso&Menanteau (2010)Bernal (2016) SoutharX
162Valdevaqueros, uncertain location near the estuary of R Valle36.070735-5.68985-330 Southm
163Mellaria, Menlaria Tarifa36.005795-5.606277-330Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1Carayon, Trakadas Southa
164Cetaria Getares36.063413-5.441394-30 Southm
164.1Portus Albus Torre de San García, Algeciras36.101927-5.435261-30 Southm
165Iulia Traducta or Transducta, Iulia Ioza, TingenteraAlgeciras, on Rio de la Miel36.127332-5.443264-30Mela, Geogr, 2, 6Pena, Hazlitt, Trakadas Southa
166Carteia, Calpe, Karpessos Carteya, El Rocadillo San Roque, outlet of R Guadarranque in the bay of Algeciras36.183212-5.410312-750Strabo, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Livy, Hist, 28, 30 ; Avienus, Ora MaritimaCarayon, Pena, Flemming, Blackman, Trakadas SouthaX?
167Cerro del Prado, 2 km upstream of the outlet of R Guadarranque in the bay of algeciras36.19366-5.421649 CarayonSpain Southm
168Barbesula, Barbariana Casa de Montilla, on the estuary of R Guadiaro36.286944-5.286866-30Carayon, Flemming Southm
169Lacipo, LacippoAlechipe, near Marina de Casares36.371504-5.220355-330 Southm
170Salduba, Saltum Las Torres, on the estuary of R Guadalmansa36.45136-5.06529-30Carayon Southm
171Cilniana, SilnianaBasilica Vega del Mar, at San Pedro de Alcantara36.472052-4.990197-30Flemming, Trakadas Southm
171.1Roman villa at Rio Verde36.4957-4.9445-30 Southm
172Suel Cerro del Castillo, on the estuary of R Fuengirola36.525691-4.628938-750Carayon, Flemming, Trakadas Southm
172.1Finca del Secretario, North side of Fuengirola36.55805-4.61268 Southm
172.2Torreblanca del Sol36.56456-4.60251 Southm
172.3SaduceTorremolinos36.6194-4.4924 Trakadas Southm
173Cerro del Villar estuary of R Guadalorce near the airport of Malaga36.6513-4.4839-330Carayon, Trakadas, Trethewey SouthmX
174Malaga estuary of R Guadalmina36.707264-4.425838-750Avienus, Ora MaritimaCarayon, Pena, Flemming, Trakadas Southa
174.1Roman villa at Rincon de la Victoria36.7135-4.2598 Southm
175Mainake, Moenace, Maenace Toscanos, 1.5 km upstream the R Velez, near Velez-Malaga36.73637-4.114728-750Avienus, Ora MaritimaCarayon, Flemming SoutharX
176Mainake, Moenace, Maenace Cerro del Mar, at the outlet of R Velez, near Velez-Malaga36.737579-4.108717-750Avienus, Ora MaritimaCarayon, Flemming Southa
177Maenoba, Mainobora Cerro del Mar, Morro de Mezquitilla and Trayamar, at the outlet of R Algarrobo36.743022-4.050901-550Strabo, Geogr, 3, 2Carayon, Flemming, Trakadas Southa
178Caviclum? Faro de Torrox36.722487-3.95634-30Trakadas Southm
179Ex, Sexi, Saxetanum Almunecar36.726468-3.691359-750Carayon, Pena, Flemming, Trakadas Southm
180Selambina, Salmbina Salobrena36.733567-3.595057-30 Southm
181Abdera, Abdara Cerro de Montecristo, Adra36.740317-3.014821-750Carayon, Flemming, Trakadas Southm
181.1Guardias Viejas36.7-2.82 TrakadasSpain Southm
182 Erroris Isle of Alboran, due South of Adra35.948991-3.032515 Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, BAtlas locates Error on the Algerian coast West of the Isle of Paloma Southa
183 Tauria ?? at 13 km of Alboran35.942387-2.909257 Antonine, Itin MarBAtlas locates Tauria on the Algerian coast in front of Castra Puerum, Isles of Habibas Southa
184Murgi Roquetas de Mar, Laja de palo36.744226-2.593296-330Flemming, Trakadas Southm
184.1TuranianaPlaya de Los Bajos, Ribera de la Algaida36.7914-2.5855-30Trakadas Southm
185Portos Magnos, port of Urci Almeria36.816541-2.474547-30Ptol, Geogr, 2, 4Pena, Hazlitt Southa
185.1Torre Garcia36.822-2.2944 TrakadasSpain Southm
186Baria Villaricos, on the estuary of R Almanzora37.242576-1.771915-550Carayon, Flemming, Trakadas Eastm
187Longuntica near Aguilas37.397447-1.569544-330Livy, Hist, 22, 20 Easta
188Ficariensis Locus near Mazarron37.555514-1.298361-30 Eastm
188.1Museo Arqueologico Factoria Romana de Salazones de Puerto de Mazarron37.561734-1.258848 TrakadasSpain Eastm
189Carthagine Spartaria, Cartago Nova, Carthage la neuve, Mastia, Punic Qart HadashtCartagena, Cerro del Molinete, possible canal in Calle Santa Florentina, possible quay in Calle Mayor37.60304-0.98603-330Appian, Iberique, 4 ; Livy, Hist, 26, 42-43 & 28, 17 ; Polybius, Hist, 10, 2 ; Strabo, Geogr, 3, 4 ; Antonine, Itin MarCarayon, Pena, FlemmingRamallo (2010) EastarXX
189.1Herakles insula, ScombrariaEscombreras, connected to mainland37.56157-0.93183 Trakadas Eastm
190Portus Magnus, Onusa? Roman villa at Paturro, near Portman37.57974-0.844278 Livy, Hist, 22, 20 Easta
190.1Roman villa at El Castillet37.605-0.7242-330 Eastm
190.2Mar Menor37.714517-0.791534 AdG, Trakadas, shipwreckMederos Martin (2004) Eastmp
191Thiar near Torre de la Horadada37.876587-0.743439-330Flemming Eastm
191.1Allon? Alonai? Alonae?La Mata, at Torrevieja38.029127-0.650226 Eastmrs
191.2Roman villa at El Moncayo beach38.06052-0.650483 Eastmr
192Herna, port of Rojales La Fonteta, near Guardamar del Segura, on the estuary of R Segura38.101514-0.650269-750Avienus, Ora MaritimaCarayon Easta
192.1Roman villa at El Oral38.1267-0.658 Eastm
193Portus Illicitanus, port of Illici, Ilice, EliaLa Picola, plaza Aljibes, near parque Palmeral, at Santa Pola, near Elche38.194963-0.560681-30Flemming, TrakadasEspinosa (2006) Eastmr
193.1Planesia insula, Nova Tabarca Nueva Tabarca island38.166794-0.479066 TrakadasEspinosa (2006)Badie (2000) Eastm
193.2Ad LeonesEl Saladar, near Alicante airport38.292-0.541-30 Eastm
194Lucentum, Akra Leuke, Castrum Album Roman embarcadero de la Albufereta, near Tossal de Manises and near Tossal de Les Basses, in Alicante38.364335-0.44328-30Carayon, Flemming, TrakadasEsquembre Bebia (2008) EastmrX
194.1Illeta dels Banyets, Banos de la Reina, near El Campello38.4319-0.3812 TrakadasEspinosa (2006) Eastmr
194.2Allon, Alonai, AlonaeVillajoyosa, La Vila Joiosa38.5004-0.2323-550Espinosa (2006) Eastm
194.3Torre de Sant Josep38.5143-0.19722 Eastm
195Allon? Alonai? Alonae?Tossal de la Cala, Benidorm38.5249-0.1619 Flemming (BAtlas locates it at Santa Pola) Eastmr
195.1Roman villa at L'Albir38.57355-0.0666 Eastm
195.2La Olla, near Altea38.6195-0.0228 Espinosa (2006) Eastm
195.3Hemeroscopion?Els Banys de la Reina, Penon de Ifach, at Calpe38.64140.0612-30TrakadasEspinosa (2006) Eastm
195.4Villa Romana della Punta del Arenal, Javea38.77380.1909 TrakadasEspinosa (2006) Eastm
196Dianium Denia38.84360.1055-550Strabo, Geogr, 3, 4Pena, TrakadasEspinosa (2006) Easta
196.1Almadrava, near Els Poblets38.8642450.017339 Espinosa (2006) Eastm
197Portus SucronisCullera, on the estuary of R Jucar39.148905-0.231545300 Eastm
198Valentia Valencia39.424686-0.291123-330Flemming Eastm
198.1Roman villa at El Villar, near Puig39.59015-0.30207-30 Eastm
199Saguntum, Sagonte, ArseGrao Vell at Sagunto39.63639-0.23298-550Lehmann, Flemmingde Juan Fuertes (2003) EastmrsX
199.1Roman villa at Pujol de Benicato, near Nules39.83259-0.14577-30 Eastm
200Port of Sebelaci Burriana, port of Onda39.853618-0.07524-330Flemming Eastm
200.1Roman villa at Villamargo39.9645-0.0245 Eastm
201Etobesa, Etouissa? near Oropesa del Mar40.07870.1356-330 Eastm
202Indibilis near Benicarlo40.413940.441742-30 Eastm
203Adeba near Vinaroz40.4708290.487544-30 Eastm
204Tenebrius portus on R Hiberusunlocated at outlet of R Ebro, perhaps Roman villa at Carrova, near Amposta?40.742050.5616 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 6 Easta
205Dertosa on R HiberusTortosa, on R Ebro40.8143750.521016-330Suetonius, Galba,10 Easta
206R Ebro navigable over 200 km 40.7649890.862225 Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 4 Easta
207Tria Capita near l’Ampola?40.8044920.726888-30 Eastm
208Sub Saltu near Vandellos nuclear power station40.95740.8829-30 Eastm
209Oleastrum L'Hospitalet de l’Infant40.9819020.930664-330 Eastm
209.1Roman villa at Cambrils41.065841.05042 Eastm
209.2SalaurisSalou41.07781.12885 Eastm
210Kissa, Cissis near La Pineda41.0719331.188741-330 Eastm
211Taracco, Tarracon Tarragona, quay possibly located along Carrer de Smith41.111961.24534-550Strabo, Geogr, 3, 4 ; Livy, Hist, 22, 19 & 25, 22 ; Avienus, Ora MaritimaLehmann, Pena, Flemming, TretheweyMacias (2015) EastarsXXX
211.1Roman villa at Els Munts, near Altafulla41.13611.3859-30 Eastm
211.2PalfurianaSant Vicenc de Calders, Vendrell41.17231.521-30 Eastm
211.3Calafell41.19041.5807 Eastm
211.4Darro41.2121.7143 Eastm
212Barcino Barcelona41.380962.183205-30Pena, Flemming, Pauly Eastm
213Baetulo Badalona41.4248212.243912-330Flemming Eastm
213.1Turo de Montgat Eastm
214Ilduro Burriac, Cabrera de Mar, near Mataro41.5052.4063-550 Eastm
214.1Roman villa at Can Llauder, near Mataro41.53122.4344-30 Eastm
214.2IluroMataro41.539522.44787-330 Eastm
214.3Torre dels Encantats41.57172.5305 Eastm
215Blanda Blanes41.6703022.795652-30Flemming Eastm
216Turissa Tossa de Mar41.718112.937827300 Eastm
216.1Roman villa at Pla de Palol, near Platja d'Aro41.823343.07347-30 Eastm
216.2Roman villa at Collet, near Palamos41.86143.1198 Eastm
217Punta del Castell de la Fosca, near Palamos41.8606553.158364-330Trakadas Eastm
218Sant Sebastia de la Guarda, Palafrugell41.8915013.195273-330Avienus, Ora Maritima Easta
218.1Lounarion, Cypsela near Celebantic cape?Cap de Begur41.96063.2316 Eastm
219Indike L’Escala42.1233683.142517-550 Eastm
220Emporium, Emporia, NeapolisSant Marti d’Empuries (NB: the structure on the beach is not a breakwater but a part of the ancient city wall)42.1359443.122465-575Strabo, Geogr, 3, 4 ; Livy, Hist, 29, 25 & 38, 8 ; Polybius, Hist, 3, 16 ; Avienus, Ora Maritima ; Scylax, PeriplLehmann, Flemming, Brandon, TretheweyBony (2011) EastarXXX
221Rhoda, Rhode, Rhodope Roses, and Roman fort at Puig Rom42.26743.1691-550Flemming Eastm
222Port of Mount Malodes Port Lligat near Cadaques? Shelters South of Cape Creus are poor, excepting Port Lligat where Salvador Dali was living42.2923613.288913 Avienus, Ora Maritima Easta
222.1Pyrenaei, Pyrenes, Pyrenee El Port de la Selva? « Le Pyrenee » generally means the oriental extremity of this chain of mountains that literally falls into the sea between Port Vendres in France and Roses in Spain. Its end is Cape Creus. Shelters are few and of bad quality, as they face the East, and the mountain is hostile. The best shelter is Port de la Selva on the Spanish side42.3415123.202281 Livy, Hist, 34, 8 Easta
223Gymnesias insulaeGymnesic (or Balearic) Islands: Mallorca and Minorca39.8986923.515917 Diodorus, Hist, 5, 14 ; Livy, Hist, 28, 37 ; Strabo, Geogr, 3, 5 ; Antonine, Itin Mar Balearesa
224Columba, Balearis Maior insulaIsle of Mallorca39.585392.998611-550Antonine, Itin Mar, who also mentions a Diana and a Lesbos which are unlocalized in the Baleares. There is a Diana near Ostia and of course a Lesbos in the Aegean Mallorcaa
225PalmeriaPalma de Mallorca 39.561522.645045-122Pena, Flemming, Blackman, Dawson MallorcampX?
225.1Las Illetas39.5319262.587282 AdGSpain Mallorcamp
225.2Puerto de Santa Ponsa, near Puig de Sa Morisca, Santa Ponsa, Calviá39.50752.4807-800 Mallorcamp
225.3Son Ferrandell-Olesa39.7051032.555059 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
225.4Cova de Betlem39.7247692.582582 Dawson Mallorcam
225.5Son Gallard39.7603222.624936 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
225.6Puerto de Soller, Son Moleta39.7966422.693481 AdG, Dawson Mallorcamp
225.7Cova de Tossa Alta 39.8665812.79502 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
225.8Mortitx39.9009432.911762 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
226Buccorum, Bocchori Formentor-Pollensa39.9072783.091023-330Pena Mallorcam
226.1Pollentia portus minorEs Barcares, North of Alcudia39.8629253.11956-330Blackman Mallorcam
226.2Pollentia portus major Alcudia39.8367613.137298-330Pena, Flemming, Blackman Mallorcam
227Can Picafort, with more slipways 300 m SE of the large slipway39.76483.1624 Flemming, BlackmanFlemming picture (1980) MallorcamX
227.1Son Real, 500 m ESE of megalithic necropolis, and in front of islet with more ruins39.75333.188 Flemming, DawsonFlemming picture (1980) MallorcamX
227.2Es Calo39.7733.3334 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
227.3S'Illot, Sant Llorenc des Cardassar39.56863.3723 Mallorcam
227.4Porto Cristo39.540523.336989 AdG Mallorcamp
227.5Cova des Moros39.5026213.303525 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
227.6Porto Colom39.4193083.265063 AdGSpain Mallorcamp
227.7Puerto de Cala Llonga, Cala d'Or39.3692393.224449 AdG Mallorcamp
227.8Porto Petro39.3568743.212041 AdG Mallorcamp
227.9Santanyi39.3226223.148084 Dawson Mallorcam
228Na Guardis, port of Guium? in front of Colonia Sant Jordi39.3111063.00131-30Carayon MallorcamrX
228.1Isle of Conejera39.1835552.964809 Dawson Mallorcam
228.2Isle of Cabrera39.1384672.943224 Dawson Mallorcam
228.3Puerto de Cabrera39.1482262.933627 AdGSpain Cabreramp
228.4Cala Pi39.3620342.83432 AdG Mallorcamp
229Nura, Balearis Minor insulaIsle of Minorca39.9829374.057332 Antonine, Itin Mar Minorcaa
230Yamma, Iamon, Iamna, IamnonaCiudadela39.9946983.824363-330Pena Minorcamp
230.1Cala Morell40.0540833.883019 AdGSpain Minorcamp
231Sanisera Puerto Nitge, Sanitja40.0744814.086386-330 Minorcamrs
231.1Puerto de Fornells40.0464054.130221 AdG Minorcamp
231.2Puerto de Cala de Addaya40.0044384.199634 AdGSpain Minorcamp
231.3Cala Grao, Colom island39.9531264.273486 AdG Minorcamp
232Mago, Portus MagonisMahon39.8878784.280101-330Carayon, Pena, Flemming, Pauly Minorcamp
232.1Cala Alcaufa39.8281924.294459 AdGSpain Minorcamp
232.2Biniai Nou39.8060554.258492 DawsonSpain Mallorcam
233Cala Coves near Cala en Porter39.8605564.143743 Carayon Minorcam
233.1Cova Murada, near Cala Galdana, Serpentona39.9172023.951279 Dawson Minorcam
234Pityusa, Pytyuse, Pitiusas, Pittecusa insulaePityusic islands: Ibiza and Formentera and Espalmador38.7742221.3314-750Diodorus, Hist, 5, 13 ; Livy, Hist, 28, 37 ; Scylax, Peripl Pitiussae Islandsa
235Ebusus, Ebysos Ibiza, on the Isle of Ibiza, Puig de ses Torretes38.9102551.439502-750Livy, Hist, 22, 20 ; Antonine, Itin MarCarayon, Pauly, Dawson Ibizaap
236Sa Caleta, on the SW coast of Ibiza38.8671.3348 Carayon Ibizam
236.1Cala Badella38.9135381.222857 AdGSpain Ibizamp
236.2Port del Torrent38.9671981.267691 AdG Ibizamp
236.3Es Pouas, near Sant Antony de Portmany38.9767991.29063 Dawson Ibizam
236.4Puerto de San Miguel39.0843691.437616 AdGSpain Ibizamp
236.5Cala Portinatx39.1143261.518128 AdG Ibizamp
236.6Ophioussa, Colubraia insulaPuerto del Espalmador, on Formentera island38.7786991.425659-330 Formenteramp
236.7Puerto de Sabina, Estanque Peix, on Formentera island38.7304221.41405 AdG Formenteramp
237Port Itius, Port of the MorinsWissant50.87771.6556-30Caesar, Guerre des Gaules, 4, 28 & 5, 2 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 37 ; Strabo, Geogr, 4, 5Grenier, HazlittGrenier (1934) Westa
238Epatiacus, Epatiaci, Aepatiaci portusunlocalized North of Boulogne50.7687221.593818 Pauly Westm
239Port Bononiensis, BononiaBoulogne, with ancient lighthouses of La Tour d'Ordre and La Tour de Caligula (both eroded away by the sea), Roman naval base50.7274551.600821 Grenier, Christiansen, Trethewey, Pitassi WestmX
240Gesoriacum portus, Portu Gessoriacensi Boulogne50.715271.612595 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 9 ; Mela, Geogr, 3, 2 ; Antonine, Itin MarGrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
241Portus Paulo InfraLe Portel50.7078321.564579 GrenierGrenier (1934) Westm
242Etaples50.5139311.638006-30 Westm
243Lintomagus Brimeux50.4460391.836752-30 Westm
243.1Conchil-le-Temple50.36171.6528 Westm
243.2Roman villa at Port-le-Grand50.14371.7626 Leman-Delerive (1976) Westm
243.3Roman villa at Er, Entre Deux Bois, near Cambron50.11841.7457 Westm
243.4Roman villa at Lisiere du bois de Cise, near Ault50.08621.428 Westm
244Catuslovius, BrigaBois l'Abbe, near Eu50.02161.46193-330 Westm
244.1Bracquemont49.94141.12184-330 Westm
244.2La Butte de Nolent, Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer49.90420.9434-30 Westm
244.3Canouville49.80760.6008 Westm
244.4Camp du Canada, near Fecamp49.7440.408 Westm
244.5Les Fosses de Benouville, near Etretat Westm
245CaracoticumHarfleur49.5025760.209231-30GrenierGrenier (1934) Westm
245.1Sandouville49.493590.30773 Westm
245.2St Nicolas de la Taille49.50260.47093 Westm
246Port of Juliobona Lillebonne49.517620.536825-30GrenierGrenier (1934) Westm
247Loium Caudebec en Caux49.5226620.725045 Trethewey WestmX
247.1Saint Samson de la Roque49.438010.43139 Westm
247.2Mondeville49.17696-0.31977-30 Westm
247.3Caen49.18404-0.36073-30 Westm
248Aregenua Vieux, South of Caen49.10664-0.42995-30GrenierGrenier (1934) Westm
248.1Port-en-Bessin-Huppain49.34-0.76 Westm
249Crociatonum, CrouciaconnumCarentan49.31113-1.234087-30 Westm
250Coriallum, Coriovallum Cherbourg49.682941-1.598889-30 Westm
251Riduna insulaIsle of Alderney, Aurigny49.720945-2.176300Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
252Sarmia insulaIsle of Guernesey49.455255-2.57488 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
253Lisia, Lesia insulaLa Plaiderie at St Peter Port, Guernesey49.458796-2.524054-330Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
254 Barsa insulaIsle of Sark?49.431421-2.359939 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
255 Caesarea, Andium insulaIsle of Jersey49.218157-2.138954 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
256Portbail 49.315391-1.727755-30 Westm
257Abrincas, Ingena Avranches48.659636-1.412533 Westm
257.1Baguer Pican-30 Westm
258St Meloir des Ondes 48.643115-1.861916-30 Westm
258.1Pointe du Meinga48.7-1.9352 Westm
259Reginca, Aletum Aleth near St Malo48.63581-2.02731-330 Westm
260Boissieres, near Taden 48.475288-2.004217-30 Westm
261Erquy 48.631072-2.481902-30 Westm
262St Brieuc 48.545476-2.711488 Westm
263Lannion and Ploulec’h 48.736145-3.485788-30 Westm
263.1Le Yaudet48.73078-3.53552 Westm
263.2Hogolo, near Plestin les Greves48.67716-3.63751 Westm
264Port Saliocanus, Staliocane in the bay of Morlaix48.654231-3.875826 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 8GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
264.1Gorre-Bloue, Plouescat48.65427-4.16033 Westm
265Uxantis, Portus Uxentinus, Uxisama insulaCromlech of Pen-ar-Lan, on the Isle of Ouessant, Ushant48.458437-5.04993 Antonine, Itin MarBlackman Westars
266Gesocribate, Osismis Brest48.334649-4.493341-330 Westm
266.1Landerneau48.45-4.25-330 Westm
266.2Lostmarc'h, Crozon48.21283-4.55722 Westm
266.3Castel Coz48.08919-4.52005 Westm
266.4Castel Meur48.06321-4.68892 Westm
267 Sina, Sena insulaIsle of Sein48.035135-4.85389 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
267.1Roman villa at Pont Croix48.038234-4.48974-30 Westm
267.2Quimper47.982317-4.116656 Westm
267.3Roman villa at Le Questel, near Concarneau47.90433-3.93037 Westm
267.4Kervedan, isle of Groix47.6401-3.5053 Westm
268Port Vindana Port Louis near Lorient47.715792-3.355616 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 8GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
268.1Roman villa at Mane Vechen, near Plouhinec47.66833-3.21528 Westm
269Blabia Hennebont? on R Blavet47.799419-3.276143 Pauly Westm
270 Vindelis, Vindilis insulaIsle of Belle-Ile47.322732-3.185394-30Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
271 Siata insulaIsle of Houat47.388436-2.96713-30Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
272Venetica, Arica insulaIsle of Hoedic?47.336393-2.873298-330Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
273Locmariaquer47.57128-2.94827 Westm
273.1Darioritum, Benetis Vannes, capital city of the Venetes47.626471-2.762254 Westm
273.2Ouidana LimenMoulin de Pencastel47.553-2.867-330 Westm
274Cassiterides islands?islands now inland at Penestin (?)47.470252-2.512098 Strabo, Geogr, 3, 3-5 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 4, 36 Westa
275Port Brivates, Blivida? Batz-Tremondet47.288481-2.481619 Ptol, Geogr, 2, 8Grenier, Pauly, Hazlitt Westa
275.1Penchateau, near Le Pouliguen47.25957-2.41995 Westm
276Corbilon, KorbilonSt Nazaire47.269-2.207-330Strabo, Geogr, 4, 2GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
277Port des Deux Corbeaux on the estuary of R Loire47.290448-2.082342 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 4GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
278Portus Namnetum, Port of the NamnetesNantes, at the outlet of R Erdre?47.215566-1.544622 Hazlitt Westm
279Ratiatum, port of the Pictons Reze, Chapelle Saint-Lupien47.192051-1.565266-30Strabo and Ptol mention the city but not the port Westa
280Port Sicor, Sikor LimenPrigny, near Bourgneuf47.066-1.981-30Ptol, Geogr, 2, 8 ; Marcian, Peripl, 2, 21GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
281Portus Morinum Roman villa at Saint Hilaire, Port de Morin? on the isle of Noirmoutier47.0184-2.2537 Polybius, Hist, 34, 7 Westa
281.1Roman villa at Le Grand Essart, near Jard sur Mer46.42824-1.57759 Westm
281.2Roman villa at Les Minimes, near La Rochelle46.14379-1.16217-30 Westm
282Santonon LimenFouras46.003566-1.084452-30Ptol, Geogr, 2, 7GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
282.1Roman villa at Pepiron, near Mauzac45.8049-1.0631-200 Westm
283Novioregum Le Fa, near Barzan45.53549-0.87956-30 Westm
284Blauto, Blavia Santorum Blaye45.123024-0.670996-30 Westm
284.1BlacciarumRoman villa at Plassac45.10204-0.64643-30 Westm
284.2BurgusRoman villa at Gogues, near Bourg45.04421-0.57057-30 Westm
285Burdigala Bordeaux, Porte Navigere, at the outlet of R Deveze, rue de la Devise44.840064-0.572007 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 2 ; Marcian, Peripl, 2, 21GrenierGrenier (1934) Westa
286R GarumnaR Garonne barely navigable 44.824834-0.541374 Mela, Geogr, 3, 2 ; Marcian, Peripl, 2, 21 Westa
286.1Roman villa at Pauillac45.1992-0.74889 Westm
286.2Roman villa at Bois Carre45.32813-0.84204-30 Westm
286.3DumnitonusRoman villa at Le Verdon sur Mer45.54341-1.06331300 Westm
286.4Roman villa at Andernos les Bains44.74267-1.10575 Westm
286.5BoiiLamothe44.62624-0.99782 Westm
286.6LosaLouse44.49595-1.06102-30 Westm
286.7SegosaSaint Paul en Born, near Mimizan44.22432-1.15181-30 Westm
286.8MosconnumMixe43.99284-1.27208-30 Westm
287Lapurdum, Lapurdunum, Lapurdo, Baiona Bayonne43.49288-1.474326-30 Westm
287.1Guethary, fish processing unit43.4264-1.61Ochoa (1994)France Westm
288Cervaria Cerbere42.4444863.173549 Mela, Geogr, 2, 5 Southa
289Portus Veneris, Venus Port-Vendres42.5195563.108357 Mela, Geogr, 2, 5Flemming, Trethewey, shipwreck SouthapX
289.1CaucholiberiCollioure42.52483.0863300Trethewey SouthmX
290Illiberis, Castrum Helenae Latour-Bas-Elne near St Cyprien42.6036133 Flemming Southm
291Ruscino Castel Rossello42.7088092.945258-750Flemming Southm
291.1Salsulae FonsSalses le Château42.8392.966-330 Southm
292Leuxos Leucate42.8839493.020076 Flemming Southm
293Sainte Jeanne, near Port La Nouvelle43.0037013.035689 Rouquette (2011) SouthmrX
294Caussagues, near Sigean43.0465243.003705 Sanchez Southm
294.1Moulin, near Peyriac de Mer Bats (1992) Southm
295Narbo-MartiusNarbonne? Possibly at Saint Loup Ouest?43.179523.015881 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Ausonius, Ordo Urbium, 13 ; Apollinaris, Poesie 23Lehmann, Flemming, Pauly, Blackman, Sanchez, Trethewey mentions a lighthouse that has not yet been found by modern archaeologists SoutharXXX?
296Lac de Capelles, not a port but exceptional fish pond, on the Etang de Bages43.1438642.998948 GrenierCarayon (2014)France Southmr
297Jetty of Port La Nautique, on the Etang de Bages43.1418033.004629 Falguera (2000)Sanchez (2014) SouthmrX
298Mandirac training walls, Le Castelou, on the Etang de Bages43.1313763.023556 Sanchez (2014) SouthmrXX
299Kauco Lac de Cauquenes, possibly used only for the quarry on the isle of Sainte Lucie, near Port La Nouvelle43.0496873.041817-30GrenierGrenier (1934) SouthmrX?
300St Martin le bas, near Gruissan43.086153.064786 Falguera (2000)Duperron (2015)France Southmr
301Tintaine, near Gruissan43.1282343.122125 Falguera (2000)France SouthmrX?
301.1La Boede, L'Oustalet, near Fleury43.1995033.187017-30Sanchez Southm
302AgathaAgde, river port43.3143273.468434-525Flemming Southmp
303Embonne Cap d’Agde43.28833.5122-330 Southm
304Mesua Meze43.4207733.612533-750 Southm
304.1Roman villa at Loupian43.44013.6143 France Southm
305Polygium, PozigiumBouzigues43.4465953.653943 Southm
305.1Balaruc les Bains43.440673.67878-30 Southm
305.2Le Barrou43.4253.678-30 Southm
306Setius Sete43.3976963.701904 Flemming, Trethewey SouthmX
307Magalona Maguelone43.513253.883501 Southm
308Lattara, LateraLattes, with ancient lighthouse43.5646223.907004-550Christiansen, Trethewey, FlemmingGarcia (2008)Bats (1992) SouthmrXX
308.1PortusMas Desports43.639164.135893 Scrinzi (2014)France Southm
308.2Psalmodi43.604274.21676300 Southm
308.3Rhodanusia?L'Argentiere at Espeyran43.6406074.410827-550Barruol (1978)Bats (1992) Southm
309Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (also called Artemis because the saintes in question came from Ephesus where godin Artemis is worshiped)maritime port of Arles, now submerged offshore43.4428224.423038 Long (2014) Southm
309.1Les Combettes43.5222534.462427 Landure (2004)France Southmr
309.2Le Carrelet43.5389984.484462 Max Daniel (2013)France SouthmrX
309.3Mas de Cabassolle43.5628074.57689 Arnaud-Fassetta (1997)France Southmrs
310Arelate, Arelas, ThelineArles43.6776774.619494 Caesar, Guerre civile, 2, 5 ; Ausonius, Ordo Urbium, 8 ; Antonine, Itin MarGrenier, FlemmingGrenier (1934) SoutharsX
310.1Mas de la Capeliere43.53254.6464-500Arnaud-Fassetta (1997)Expo Camargues 2016France Southmr
310.2Le Grand Parc, near Tour du Valat43.5034.6636-100Pasqualini (2004)Expo Camargues 2016France Southmr
310.3Ulmet43.4656674.634543450Vella (1999)Expo Camargues 2016 SouthmrsX
311Gradus Massilitanorum, Grau des Marseillaisancient outlet of R Rhone near Salin de Giraud, supposed to be at about 18 nautical miles from Arelates on the ancient Rhone d'Ulmet branch43.4630784.634839-30Antonine, Itin Mar ; Polybius, Hist, 3, 16 ; Ammian, Hist, 15, 11 Southa
311.1a landmark for seafarersLa Roque d'Odor43.4296164.860282 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 Southa
312Marius' canal, Fossa Mariana, Fossae Marianae, Fosses MariannesCanal connecting Fos to R Rhone, not yet precisely located43.5309364.773496-103Plutarch, Marius, 16 ; Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Mela, Geogr, 2, 5Grenier, Lehmann, FlemmingBadan (2013) SoutharsX
312.1Roman villa at Castellan, near Istres43.5184.9906Marty (2002) Southm
312.2Ugium, Herakleia??Saint Blaise (St Mitre les Remparts) on the "Ancien canal de Martigues"43.4617094.982666-750Martin-Kobierzyki (2012) Southm
312.3Castillon, near Port de Bouc43.438924.98082 Southm
312.4Statio Fossae Marianae? Near StomalimneFos marina, Anse St Gervais near Fos and etang de l’Estomac43.4240174.961254-330Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Antonine, Itin MarFontaine (2016) SoutharsX
312.5this is not HeracleiaPointe de Vella, near necropolis and Roman villa of pointe de la Baumasse43.4123824.973707 Marino (2005)France Southm
313.1Astromela, MastramelaMartigues, Quai Brescon on the island43.4049325.055283 Chausserie (2002) Southm
313.2Maritima Avaticorum, Maritima Civitas Colonia?Tholon, near Martigues43.4204825.06063-550Ptol, Geogr, 2, 10Chausserie (2002) Southa
314.1Dilis?Port des Laurons, submerged breakwater, near villa maritima of Semenes43.354235.023508-30Chausserie (2002) SouthmrsX
314.2Dilis?Port des Laurons, submerged quay, near villa maritima of Semenes43.355755.024662-30Chausserie (2002) SouthmrsX
315Dilis?quarry at La Couronne Vieille43.3270365.055424-550Antonine, Itin MarChausserie (2002) Southap
315.1Tamaris43.329725.07472 Southm
316Sausset les Pins43.3307475.107255 AdGFrance Southmp
317Incaro Carry le Rouet43.3259695.154315-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, shipwreckArnaud (2004) Southa
318Massalia Graecorum, Lacydon Marseille, Vieux Port, place Jules Verne & place Villeneuve-Bargemon (see also nearby Musee des docks: Dolia warehouse)43.2968455.369604-630Caesar, Guerre civile, 1, 36 ; 2, 1 ; Mela, Geogr, 2, 5 ; Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Scylax, Peripl ; Antonine, Itin MarGrenier, Lehmann, Hazlitt, Loven, Blackman, BrandonHesnard (2004)Guery (1992) SoutharXXXX
319Massalia Graecorum, Lacydon Marseille, Vieux Port, quays of the Corne du port antique43.2976255.374913-630Caesar, Guerre civile, 1, 36 ; 2, 1 ; Mela, Geogr, 2, 5 ; Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Scylax, Peripl ; Antonine, Itin MarGrenier, Lehmann, Flemming, Hazlitt, Blackman, TretheweyHesnard (2004)Guery (1992) SouthaprXX
320Calanque de l’ane, Pomegues (isles of Frioul)43.2708395.302154 shipwreck and mooring bits SouthmprX
321Madrague de Montredon 43.2352625.355211 shipwreck Southm
322Inmandras, ImmandrasIsle of Maïre: Port des Goudes, on the North side of Cap Croisette43.2175785.343932-30Antonine, Itin MarArnaud (2004) Southap
323Inmandras, ImmandrasIsle of Maïre: Callelongue, on the South side of Cap Croisette43.2111425.35238-30Antonine, Itin MarArnaud (2004) Southa
324Aemines, Hemines, Mines Sormiou, or Port Miou?43.209565.422606-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, PaulyArnaud (2004) Southa
325Portus MilusPort Miou43.2056235.515599 Arnaud (2004) Southmp
326Carsicis Cassis43.2141055.539015-30Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, FlemmingArnaud (2004) SouthaprXX
327Citharista, Kitharistes, Zao La Ciotat, Ceyreste43.1731275.607165-30Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 5 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Pauly, HazlittArnaud (2004) Southap
328Roman villa at Les Lecques, near St Cyr sur Mer43.1711035.695495 Southm
328.1Mont-Garou, near Sanary43.1325.77Bats (1992) Southm
329Tauroeis, Taurento, Tauroentum Le Brusc, Six Fours43.0803125.799876-330Caesar, Guerres civiles, 2, 4FlemmingArnaud (2004) Southa
329.1Port St Pierre on Iles des Embiez43.0794515.781492 AdG Southmp
329.2Baie du Lazaret43.082925.905755 AdGFrance Southmp
330Telone Martio, Telo MartiusToulon43.1092975.917936 Antonine, Itin MarFlemmingArnaud (2004) SouthaX
331Olbia, Pomponiana L’Almanarre near Hyeres43.0789346.123224-330Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, HazlittBats (2006)Coupry (1964) SoutharsXX?
332Madrague de Giens 43.0456.104 shipwreck Southm
333La Tour Fondue on the peninsula of Giens43.0254916.151745 shipwreck Southm
334Stoechadis, Stoechades, Stechades insulae: Prote, Mese, HypaeaHyeres, islands: Isles of Porquerolles, of Port-Cros, of Levant43.009736.305789 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Tacitus, Hist, 3, 42 ; Antonine, Itin MarBrun (1992) Southa
334.1Pomponiana?Roman villa on Place d'Armes, Porquerolles village43.00046.203-100Brun (1992)France Southm
335Pointe du Lequin, plage Notre Dame (Porquerolles)43.01056.2288 several shipwrecks, Dawson Southm
336Pointe de La Galere (Porquerolles)43.001776.251547-100Brun (1992) Southm
336.1Anse du Breganconnet (Porquerolles)42.99396.18107 Dawson Southm
337Anse de La Palud (Port-Cros)43.0135526.387402 shipwreckFrance Southm
337.1Petit Avis (Levant)43.0296196.456235 Dawson Southm
338Pergantion Beach of Bregancon43.0956846.32181-330 Southm
339Alconis Cavaliere43.1475636.433578-30Antonine, Itin Mar Southa
340Pointe du Dattier (Cap Cavalaire)43.1654966.538462 shipwreckFrance Southm
341Heraclia Caccabaria Cavalaire. Plini, Hist Nat, 3, 5 mentions a Heraclee at the outlet of R Rhone, but the pointe Cavalaire is now generally accepted43.1744826.542382-30Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Hazlitt SoutharsX
342Villa romana of Pardigon (Cavalaire & Croix Valmer)43.19036.55619-30 Southm
343bay of Bon-Porte (Ramatuelle)43.1785536.653968 Southm
344Bay of Pampelone 43.228946.675349 shipwreckFrance Southm
345Athenopolis St Tropez43.2732546.629807-330 Southm
346Sinus Sambracitanus plagia Beach of the Golfe de St Tropez43.2722866.594116 Antonine, Itin Mar Southa
346.1Lagune de Villepey, St Aygulf43.46.714-30shipwreckBertoncello (2011) Southm
346.2Les Escaravatiers, near Puget sur Argens43.4434056.686772 Fiches (1995)Dubar (2004) Southm
347Forum Julii, Forum JuliumRoman naval base at Frejus with four lighthouses: the Lanterne d'Auguste, the Butte St Antoine, the Monument aux Tritons and the Lion de Mer islet in front of St Raphael43.4313196.740503 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1 ; Tacitus, Hist, 3, 42Grenier, Lehmann, Flemming, Blackman, Christiansen, Trethewey, Brandon, PitassiBertoncello (2011) SoutharXXXX
348Portus Oxybiorum, Oxybius Agay, East of St Raphael43.4222846.86404 Strabo, Geogr, 4, 1HazlittFrance Southa
348.1Ad HorreaSt Cassien, near Mandelieu43.54936.955-30 Southm
349Vergoanum, on Lero insulaIsle of Ste Marguerite in the isles of Lerins with ancient lighthouse of la Tour Ste Anne at the NW end of the island43.5228537.03733-330Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Christiansen, Trethewey SoutharX
350Lerina, Planasia insulaIsle of St Honorat in the isles of Lerins43.5096997.044936 Antonine, Itin Mar Southa
351Bas-Lauvert, probable export site of Garum (Antibes les Pins)43.5711377.091848 Morena (1994)France Southm
352Plage de La Garoupe, probable shelter (Cap d’Antibes)43.5552937.136326 Morena (1994) Southm
353Antipolis, AntionAntibes, in the Anse Saint Roch near the Fort Carre. The entrance to the ancient port was near the peninsula of the Fort Carre.43.5893367.124543-450Scylax, Peripl ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemmingArnaud (2000)Morena (1994) SoutharsX
354Etang de Vaugrenier, possible ancient port43.6217137.127519-30Morena (1994) Southm
355Nicaea, Nikaïa, Nicia plagia beach of Nice43.6905637.269291 Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Southa
356Olivula portus Villefranche43.699127.315785-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemmingArnaud (2004) Southa
357Anaone Beaulieu sur Mer43.6992957.336753-30Antonine, Itin MarArnaud (2004) Southa
358Avisione, Avisio Eze43.7174847.363701-30Antonine, Itin MarPauly Southa
359Hercle Manico, Port Heracles, Portus Herculis Monoeci, Port d’Hercules Monoecus, Monoecus, Monoeque, MonoïkosMonaco. Unlike other authors, Ptolemy distinguishes « Herculis portus » and « Monoeci portus » East of Nice, and puts around 35 km between both of them43.734597.432848-750Tacitus, Hist, 3, 42 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 7 ; Strabo, Geogr, 4, 6 ; Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, HazlittArnaud (2004) Southa
359.1LumoRoquebrune Cap Martin43.758377.47355-30 Southm
360Cyrne, Crinis, Kurnos, Korsika Isle of Corsica, Corse42.3690429.15549 Diodorus, Hist, 5, 11 ; Livy, Hist, 30, 39 ; Scylax, Peripl ; Antonine, Itin Mar Corsicaa
361Vicus Aurelianus Macinaggio, near Rogliano, at the outlet of R Gioielli42.9626389.453749 Corsicam
362Klounion Erbalunga?42.772359.475618-330Mattei (2001) Corsicam
363Mantinon, Porto Cardo Lavasina42.75759.4659-330Mattei (2001) Corsicamp
364Mariana La Canonica, near Lucciana, Marais de Tanghiccia, at the outlet of R Golo42.5399.4958-750Mattei (2001) Corsicam
365Folleli at the Genoese tower of San Pellegrino, this might be Ptolemy's Niceae42.4500819.54466 Corsicam
366Toutelas Bomos near la Marine de Bravone42.2048869.559804-330 Corsicam
367Diana portus, Port d’Artemis/Diane Etang de Diana at the outlet of R Tavignano42.1398779.549522-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 2 ; Antonine, Itin Mar Corsicaa
368Alalia, ValeriaAleria, Roman naval base42.10259.5093-550Lehmann, Pitassi CorsicamrsXX
369Portus Favonus, Port Philonios Creek de Favona at Conca41.7751119.400479-30Ptol, Geogr, 3, 2Flemming Corsicaa
370Portus Syracusanus Porto-Vecchio41.5908989.289219-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 2 Corsicaap
370.1Porto Nuovo41.5011869.276116 ShipwreckFrance Corsicam
371Rhoubra Rondinara or Sponsaglia?41.4676559.276966-330 Corsicam
372Petit Sperone beach of Piantarella, in front of the Lavezzi islands41.371429.22171-330 Corsicam
373fretum GallicumCavallo island, at the Bouches de Bonifacio41.3686679.261093 Corsicam
374Pallas Bonifacio, Araguina-Sennola, Monte Leone41.3882889.163435-30Dawson Corsicamp
375Marianon La Tonnara41.42749.106175-330 Corsicam
376Phikaria Figari41.4741469.07522-330 Corsicamp
376.1Punta di Caniscione41.4730918.989824 DawsonFrance Corsicam
377Titianus portus Tizzano41.5442378.85104-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 2Hazlitt Corsicaa
377.1Propriano41.6785168.902447 Corsicam
378Pauka near Porto Pollo41.704978.801601-330 Corsicam
379Agiation Ajaccio41.9197158.746518-30 Corsicam
380Ourkinion bay of Liscia, near Sari d’Orcino42.0476158.7358-330 Corsicam
381Saone Sagone, on R Sagone42.11838.69-330 Corsicam
381.1Porto42.2665018.693291 AdG Corsicamp
381.2CalarisGaleria42.4148618.647912 Corsicam
381.3CaesiaeCalvi42.5623278.762174 Corsicam
381.4Agilla, Rubico RocegaL'Ile-Rousse42.638588.939249 Corsicam
382Nebbio, CersunumSt Florent, Strette42.67529.2933 DawsonMattei (2001)France Corsicam
383Castrum NuntiaeNonza42.786289.343 Corsicam
383.1KanelateCanelle, near Canari42.8289.313-330Mattei (2001) Corsicam
384Kentourinon near Centuri42.9666849.344882-330Mattei (2001) Corsicam
385SardiniaIsle of Sardinia, Sardaigne 40.3077969.111677 Diodorus, Hist, 5, 12 ; Livy, Hist, 30, 39 ; Polybius, Hist, 2, 6 ; Antonine, Itin Mar Sardiniaa
386OlbiaOlbia40.9236369.507322-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon, Flemming SardiniaaprXX
387Coclearia near San Teodoro40.7849889.675812-30 Sardiniam
388Pheronia, Feronia Posada40.6393689.722893-30Hazlitt Sardiniam
389Portus LiguidonisSan Giovanni di Posada40.6162369.751357-30Hazlitt Sardiniam
390Sulcis, Sulpicius, Supicius Arbatax, near Tortoli39.9124629.706108-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 4 Sardiniaap
391Custodia Rubriensis Roman fort near Bari Sardo39.8339669.686434-30 Sardiniam
392Saralapis San Giovanni di Saralat, Foxi Manna39.6943799.664134 CarayonItaly SardiniamrX?
393Saralapis San Giovanni di Saralat, Foxi Murdegu39.666519.657261 CarayonItaly SardiniamrX
394Sarcapos, Sarpach Santa Maria di Villaputzu, near Muravera39.4256269.631611-30Carayon Sardiniamp
395Caralitanum Prom.Capo Carbonara, Stagno di Notteri39.116499.516373-330Carayon Sardiniam
395.1Santa Maria39.141329.49056 Sardiniam
395.2Roman villa at Quartu Sant'Elena39.212679.27361-30 Sardiniam
396Caralis, CaralesCagliari, Roman naval base39.2116839.112387-750Caesar, Guerre d’Afrique, 98 ; Procopius, Guerre Vandales, 1, 24 ; Livy, Hist, 30, 39 ; Antonine, Itin MarCarayon, Lehmann, Flemming, Pitassi SardiniaaprX?
396.1Villa Romana di Tigellio, Cagliari39.220549.10834 Sardiniam
397Nora Capo di Pula, Creek of San Efisio38.9870489.01444-750Carayon, Lehmann, FlemmingAuriemma (2009) SardiniamrX
398Nora Capo di Pula, Cala di Nora38.9847159.012555-750Carayon, Lehmann, Flemming SardiniamrsX
399Nora Lagoon of San Efisio38.9880369.012066-750Carayon, Lehmann, Flemming Sardiniam
400Bitia, Bithia, Bioea Punta di Chia, near Domus de Maria38.89568.8849-750Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon, Flemming, PaulyAuriemma (2009) Sardiniaa
401Port Hercules, Melqart Porto Malfatano38.8987348.803097 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3CarayonAuriemma (2009) SardiniaarsXX
402Port Hercules , MelqartPorto Malfatano, submerged breakwater on NE side of Capo Malfatano38.8878688.803355 SardiniamrsX
403Port of Tegulitia, Tegula Porto Teulada38.93478.7236-30Carayon, Flemming Sardiniamp
404Sulcitanus portus bay of Porto Pino, quarry of Guardia s'Arena38.9329888.614564 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon SardiniaarXX
405Sulcitanus portus Porto Pino, access canal to the lagoon of Baiocca38.9631518.602078 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon SardiniaarX
406Sulcitanus portus South end of the lagoon of Baiocca39.0118238.593479 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon SardiniaarX
406.1Sulcitanus portus Golfo di Palmas39.0483058.461377 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Wikipedia Sardiniaa
407Sulcis, Solci San Antioco39.065348.462004-750Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon, Flemming, Terre di Mare (2007) SardiniaaprX
408Enosis insulaCarloforte, on the isle of San Pietro39.1405668.321367-30Carayon Sardiniamp
408.1Monte Sirai, near Carbonia39.17748.4887-750 Sardiniam
408.2Roman villa at Stagno di Marceddi, S. Angiarxia, Arbus39.71458.4946-30 Sardiniam
409Neapolis Santa Maria di Nabui39.687948.5555 Lehmann, Flemming SardiniamrX
409.1Roman villa at Pauli Putzu39.727448.60514-330 Sardiniam
409.2Roman villa at Muru de Bangiu39.785928.6645-30 Sardiniam
409.3Roman villa at Sant'Ungroni, near Arborea39.79458.5822-30 Sardiniam
410Othaia, Othoca Santa Giusta39.869578.60849-750Carayon Sardiniam
411Tarrai, Tharros, TarrhosSan Giovanni di Sinis, Porto Vecchio39.8773438.442608-750Carayon, Lehmann, Flemming SardiniamrsX?
412Tarrai, Tharros San Giovanni di Sinis, La Caletta39.8592888.437959-750Carayon, Lehmann, Flemming SardiniamrsX
413Coracodes, Korakodes portusCala Su Pallosu40.0438738.409895 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Ardu (2012) Sardiniaa
414Cornus, KornosS’Archittu40.0878328.490364-330Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Carayon, FlemmingBlasetti (2013) Sardiniaa
415Bosa Bosa Marina (outlet of R Temo?)40.2845358.469417-330Carayon Sardiniam
416Carbia, Garbia Alghero40.5699168.306281-30Flemming Sardiniam
417Nymphaeus portus Roman villa at Sant'Imbenia, Porto Conte, Grotta Verde, Capo Caccia40.6165688.189645-30Ptol, Geogr, 3, 3Dawson Sardiniaa
418Nure Porto Ferro40.6829668.19785-30 Sardiniam
418.1Stintino40.9381178.225224 AdG Sardiniamp
419Turris Libyssonis, LibisonisPorto Torres40.8505518.403981-330Lehmann, Flemming SardiniamprsX
419.1Roman villa at Santa Filitica, near Sorso40.871988.62901-30 Sardiniam
419.2Roman villa at Lu Bagnu, near Castelsardo40.903088.68912 Sardiniam
420Portus Tibulae Castelsardo40.9169398.706077-30Flemming, Sardiniam
421Viniolaeporto di Vignola, near Aglientu41.1294619.060096-30Flemming, Sardiniam
421.1Quarry at Capo Testa41.240519.16009-330 Sardiniam
422Tibula?Porto Longone, at Santa Teresa Gallura41.2372219.195259-30 Sardiniamp
423Turublum Minus, Lamos, port of the Lestrygons and stopover of Odysseus Porto Pozzo41.1991359.275693-30Homer, Odyssey, 10, 80Cuisenier Sardiniaa
423.1Ilva insulaCala Gavetta, on Isla La Maddalena41.2120459.404022 AdG Sardiniamp
423.2Cala Bitta41.1256169.470911 AdGItaly Sardiniamp
423.3ElefantariaCannigione, Golfo di Arzachena41.1059.444-30 Sardiniam
423.4Poltu Quatu41.135839.495848 AdGItaly Sardiniamp
423.5Porto Vecchio of Porto Cervo41.1333599.53626 AdG Sardiniamp
423.6Bay of Cugnana-Portisco41.0164959.523114 AdGItaly Sardiniamp
423.7Porto Rotondo41.0292779.546367 AdG Sardiniamp
424Vintimilio plagia, Album Intermilium, AlbintimiliumVintimiglia43.78937.6252-550Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming WestarX
424.1Roman villa at Foce, near San Remo43.808247.75954-30 Westm
424.2La Costa, San Remo43.81477.7807-30 Westm
424.3Roman villa di Bussana, near San Remo43.820997.83858-30 Westm
425Costa Balenae, at the outlet of R Tavia Riva Ligure, on R Taggia43.8303747.869096 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
426Portus Mauritii, Portu Maurici Porto Maurizio, near Imperia43.87378.0207-30Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt Westa
427Lucus Bormani Diano Marina43.90688.0859-30Flemming Westmp
428Albingauno, Albenganum Albenga44.0358048.225654-550Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Trethewey WestaX
428.1PullopiceFinale Ligure44.1648.342-30 Westm
428.2VaricottisVarigotti44.188.396300 Westm
429Vada Sabatia, Vadis SavadisVado Ligure44.26938.4359-100Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 7 ; Antonine, Itin MarTretheweyCarobene (2008) WestarX
429.1Insula LiguriaeIsola di Bergeggi with ancient lighthouse, near Vado Ligure44.23428.44476250ChristiansenItaly Westm
430Savo, Vicus Virginis? Savona44.2964398.479161-330 Westmp
431Alba Docilia Albissola44.333858.51187-30Lehmann, Flemming WestmrX
431.1San Donato, near Varazze44.368068.57134300 Westm
432Ad Navalia Cogoleto44.377378.633105-30 Westm
433Hasta Voltri44.4223738.744872-30 Westm
434Sestri Ponente Sestri Ponente44.3954278.867501-30Lehmann WestmrsXX
435Genua Portofranco, Roman port of Genoa44.40768.9267-600Procopius, Guerre Goths, 2, 12 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, FlemmingMelli (2011) WestaprX
435.1archaic landing place of GenuaPiazza Brignole44.4098.94388-1000Melli (2011)Italy Westm
436Ricina Recco44.3580439.140469300Flemming Westm
437Delphinis Camogli44.3499.1526-30 Westm
438Portu Delphini, Port du Dauphin Portofino44.3025759.211589-30Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 7 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Hazlitt Westa
439Ad Solaria Chiavari44.3096989.310881300 Westm
440Tegulata Lavagna44.2991499.338812-30 Westmp
441Segesta, Tigulliorum Sestri Levante44.2730099.389291-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
442Ad Monilia Moneglia44.2345339.484384-30Flemming, Westm
443Antion Framura44.2028599.546199-550 Westm
444Portus Veneris Portovenere, the Genoese rampart is built on top of the Roman quay, the lighthouse is on isola del Tino44.0490419.833473-30Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Hazlitt, Trethewey WestapX
444.1Villa Romana del Varignano Vecchio, near Le Gracie, La Spezia44.0635869.841662 Brochure (2015) Westm
444.2San Vito di Marola (ancient site destroyed by Italian Navy in 19th c.)44.09149.8175 Westm
445Erix, Portus Ericis, Erycis, Portus Illycis, Pullion Lerici, Pugliola44.0778089.904603300Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1 Westa
446Villa Romana di Bocca di Magra, Ameglia44.0460739.984691 Westmp
447Lune, Luna, Selene, on R MacraLuni Antica, on former outlet of R Magra44.06368910.017092-330Livy, Hist, 39, 32 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 8 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt, Flemming WestarX
448Taberna Frigida Massa43.99837310.099174300 Westm
448.1San Rocchino, near Massarosa43.8730710.28083-750 Westm
448.2Fossae PapirianaeMassarosa43.8710.337-30 Westm
448.3Massaciuccoli43.8365910.3602-330 Westm
448.4Isola del Migliarino43.7676410.32724-750 Westm
448.5Ponte alle Conche43.7347610.33555-750 Westm
449port of Pise, PisaSan Rossore, near Pisa43.72210.3823-550Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2Lehmann, Flemming, many shipwrecksCamilli (2004) Westa
449.1Triturrita? Turrita?San Piero a Grado, near Pisa43.6810.345-30Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 527 Camilli (2004) Westa
450Portus Pisanus, Liburnus Portus, Portus Herculis Liburni Santo Stefano ai Lupi, Livorno. This port was connected to the city of Pisa by a series of marshes. A lighthouse was on the Secche della Meloria43.570410.3321 Tacitus, Hist, 3, 42 ; Polybius, Hist, 2, 6 ; Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Rutilius, Reditu, 2, 11 ; Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt, TretheweyPasquinucci (2014) WestapX
451Castiglioncello 43.3978710.416492-330 Westm
451.1San Gaetano di Vada43.3598110.44801-30 Westm
452Vadis, Vada Volaterrana Vada43.351410.4474-330Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming Westa
452.1CaecinaVilla Romana di San Vincenzino, at Cecina43.309910.5106-30Brochure (2015) Westm
452.2Caprasia insulaIsle of Capraia43.0505379.838895 Westmp
453Fufluna, Populonio, PoploniumPopulonia42.99197510.505525-750Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Livy, Hist, 30, 39 ; Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 401 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Blackman Westa
454Falesia, Porto Falese Piombino42.93429710.559041300Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt Westa
454.1Vignale42.966310.67991-330 Westm
455Scabris near Follonica42.91664110.757334 Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt Westa
456R Alma Roman villa at Puntone Vecchio42.8957710.787-30Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
457Ilva, Aithalia, Ethalie Isle of Elba42.77015210.273798 Diodorus, Hist, 5, 10 ; Livy, Hist, 30, 39 ; Apollonius, Argonauticas, 4, 658 ; Scylax, Peripl ; Antonine, Itin MarDawson Westa
458Argous portus, Argoos, Portoferraio, on the isle of Elba42.81306610.329861-750Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Apollonius, Argonauticas, 4, 658Hazlitt, Flemming Westap
458.1Edilnautica marina, on the isle of Elba42.8063210.314434 AdGItaly Westmp
458.2Roman villa at Le Grotte, on the isle of Elba42.800610.3305 Westm
458.3Roman villa at Capo Castello, on the isle of Elba42.8649610.42146 Westm
459Portus Longus Porto Longone, Porto Azzurro, on the isle of Elba42.76237410.397004 Hazlitt Westmp
460 Planasia insulaIsle of Pianosa, near the isle of Elba42.58296910.082156-330Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
460.1Bagni di Agrippa, villa with fish pond on the isle of Pianosa Brandon Westmr
460.2Stronzolo di Orlando, near Cala del Bruciato, on the isle of Pianosa42.57099510.094162 DawsonItaly Westm
461Portus Traianus, Cape TroiaPunta Ala, in front of the isle of Elba42.8094410.748622 Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1Hazlitt Westa
462Lacus Prilius, Lacu Aprile, Salebro? Roman villa at Paduline, Castiglione della Pescaia42.76510.8868 Antonine, Itin Mar Westap
463R Umbronis, outlet of R Ombro Roman temple at Scoglietto, on R Ombrone at around 15 km North of Talamone42.6728711.05114 Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 337 ; Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
463.1Santa Francesca di Talamone-30 Westm
464Talamonis, Telamon Talamone42.5496411.166775 Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 8 ; Plutarch, Marius, 44 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, FlemmingRendini (2008) WestarX?
465R AlminiaRoman villa at Albinia, on R Albegna42.4956611.20724 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
466Roman villa at Santa Liberata, on the peninsula of Argentario42.43656211.152682-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Brandon WestarsXXX
466.1Domitiana positio, Portus Domitianus Porto San Stefano, on the peninsula of Argentario42.439611.1166-30 Westm
467Incitaria?Cala del Gesso or Cala Grande? on the peninsula of Argentario42.41490111.088476300Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
468Aegilium, Igilium insulaCampese, on the isle of Giglio42.36863110.876524 Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 325 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Dawson Westa
468.1IgliumBagno del Saraceno, villa with fish pond on the isle of Giglio42.35914910.922721-330Brandon Westmrs
468.2Oglasa insulaIsle of Montecristo42.33195810.309211 Dawson Westm
469Portu Herculis, Port of HerculesPorto Ercole, on the peninsula of Argentario42.39417911.213979-330Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 293 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
470Artemisia, Dianium insulaCala Spalmatoio, on the isle of Giannutri42.25396311.103834-30DawsonRendini (2008) Westmr
470.1Villa Domitia, on Artemisia, Dianium insulaRoman villa at Cala Maestra, on the isle of Giannutri42.2542311.096265-30Flemming, Blackman, DawsonRendini (2008) Westmrs
471Cosa, Cossae, Portus Herculis Cosanus Ansedonia42.4070911.293827-330Virgil, Eneïde, 10, 163 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Livy, Hist, 22, 11 & 30, 39 ; Antonine, Itin MarHazlitt, Flemming, Blackman, Franco, BrandonFelici (1997) WestarsXXXX
472Loretum ? near Cosa42.36949111.440513 Livy, Hist, 30, 39Italy Westa
473R Arnine, ArmentaMontalto Marina on R Fiora42.32066711.567566 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
474Regis, Regae Le Murelle, near Montalto42.3086311.601965-750Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
475Quintiano Pian di Spille, 5.5 km North of Tarquinia42.2745411.6516-30Antonine, Itin MarBrandon Westars
476Martanum, Maltano R Marta near Voltone42.23657411.690042-30Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Brandon WestarX
477Graviscae, Porto Clementino port of Tarquinia42.2127311.71026-750Virgil, Eneïde, 10, 163 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
478Rapinio near Torre San Agostino42.167811.7358-30Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
479AlgaeTorre Valdaliga, fish pond42.1239411.75841-30Antonine, Itin MarBrandon Westars
479.1La Mattonara, fish pond42.116411.76828 BrandonItaly Westmrs
480Centumcellae, Palace of the Hundred Chambres. It is the translator of Pliny the Younger who calls it like this, but the « hundred chambres » could also mean the numerous caves in this area, rather than a palaceDarsena Romana in the port of Civitavecchia, and its Torre del Lazzaretto and its Torre del Bicchiere42.09506411.787807103PlinyYoung, Lettres, 6, 31 ; Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 238 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Blackman, Christiansen, Trethewey, BrandonNoli (2015) WestaprXX
480.1Punta della Vipera, fish pond42.048711.81967 BrandonItaly Westmrs
481Castro Novo (port of Caere, Coere, Agylla)Santa Marinella West42.0392511.831-287Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming Westa
482Fosso Guardiole, fish pond at Santa Marinella42.032911.8647 Brandon Westmrs
483Panapione, Punicum Santa Marinella42.036211.8741-330Antonine, Itin MarLehmann Westars
483.1Villa Romana delle Grottacce, Santa Marinella East42.0390911.9015-30Brandon Westm
484Pyrgoi, Pyrgi (port of Agylle, Caere, also called The Towers)Santa Severa42.01566311.955998-750Virgil, Eneïde, 10, 163 ; Diodorus, Hist, 15, 14 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Blackman, Franco, Brandon WestarsX
484.1Campo di Mare, fish pond NW of Torre Flavia41.96485312.043114 BrandonItaly Westmr
485Roman villa at Ladispoli 41.969912.0878-330 Westm
486Alsium (port of Agylla, Caere, Coere, Cerveteri)Palo, large fish pond41.93296112.100837-750Strabo, Geogr, 5, 2Lehmann, Flemming, Brandon WestarsXX
487Roman villa at Marina di San Nicola 41.927112.1253-330 Westm
488Roman villa at Torre di Palidoro 41.912812.1424-330 Westm
489Fregenae Fregene41.85305812.18341-330Flemming Westm
490Portus Augusti Ostiensis, Portus Claudius, Port Claude"The Emperor's port at Ostia", near the airport of Fiumicino41.77969612.24816142Tacitus, Annales, 15, 18 ; Suetonius, Claude, 20 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 16, 76 & 36,14 ; Dio Cassius, Hist, 60, 11 ; Juvenal, Satires, 12, 50 ; Apuleius, Ane d’Or, 11, 26 ; Ammian, Hist, 19, 10 ; Cassiodorus, De l’ame, 2 ; Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 26 & 3, 15 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Hazlitt, Flemming, Keay, Blackman, Christiansen, TretheweyNoli (2009) WestaprXXX
491Portus Trajanus near the airport of Fiumicino. The harbour basin is on the Sforza property and its water level was raised 3 m in the early 20th century, this hides and protects all ancient structures, except warehouses41.77994312.262604103PlinyYoung, Panegyrique, 29Keay, Blackman, Christiansen, TretheweyNoli (2009) WestarXXXX
492Tyrrhene ancient lighthouse of Portus Claudiussupposed location of the ancient lighthouse of Portus Claudius41.77617612.23448842Juvenal, Satires, 12, 50Keay, Christiansen, Trethewey WestarX
493Ostia, port of RomeOstia, with possible lighthouse at Tor Boacciana. It may be noted that Denys is more positive on the use of this port than Strabo, although they both lived in the same period41.7534312.279848-640Denys, Antiquites, 3, 14 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3 ; Suetonius, Neron, 16 ; Ptol, Geogr, 3, 1 ; Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 26 ; Rutilius, Reditu, 1, 179 ; Livy, Hist, 22, 11Lehmann, Flemming, Goiran, Christiansen, Trethewey WestaprXX?
493.1OstiaOstia river port in ancient Tiber meander "Fiume Morto"41.7575212.290905-750Keay (2012) Westm
493.2OstiaOstia, molo repubblicano41.76480212.298925 Felici (2013) WestmrX
494Stella-Buoi, Stalla Buoi, at the outlet of the Canale Romano on R Tiber, immediately East of Portus Trajanus41.78119312.279485 Keay (2012)
Italy Westm
494.1Quartaccio, at Ponte Galeria41.795612.335019 Keay (2012) Westm
494.2FicanaMonti di San Paolo, near Acilia41.8018712.35306-750 Westm
495Portus Vicus AlexandriSanta Passera, on left bank of R Tiber, South of Rome41.84739412.471443-330Ammian, Hist, 17, 4 WestarX
495.1Santa Passera, on right bank of R Tiber41.85643712.460841 WestmrX
495.2on left bank of R Tiber, at Marconi bridge41.8599512.471271 WestmrX
495.3Pietra Papa, on right bank of R Tiber41.86639312.475376 WestmrX
495.4Ponte Testaccio, archaïc Mattatoio, on right bank of R Tiber41.87470512.470699 WestmrX
496Emporium, Porticus AemiliaPorticus Aemilia, emporium on left bank of R Tiber South of Ponte Sublico. Tucci claims it could be shipsheds41.8824412.47459 Blackman, BrandonKeay (2012)Tucci (2012) WestmrXXX?
496.1Transtiberim, TrasteverePorto di Ripa Grande, on right bank of R Tiber between Ponte Sublico and Porta Portese41.88307812.474048 Keay (2012) Westm
497Salinaeat toe of Aventino hill41.88624612.47953 WestmrX
498Portus Tiberinus, near Pons Aemilius, oldest archaic port of RomeForo Boario, on left bank of R Tiber near Ponte Rotto and isle of Tiberina41.889212.4809-753Varro, langue latine, 6, 19 ; Plutarch, Caton, 39 ; Livy, Hist, 40, 51Keay (2012) Westa
499ad Ciconias nixas, near Campus MartiusTor di Nora and Ripetta, on left bank of R Tiber41.90151512.469692 Livy, Hist, 45, 42Keay (2012) WestarX
499.1Roman villa di Plinio41.711112.3468-30 Westm
499.2Grotte di Piastra41.7006812.35796-30 Westm
500Vicus Augustanus Laurentium? near Infernetto, inside Riserva statale Tenuta di Castelporziano41.679312.3933-30Denys, Antiquites, 1, 54Flemming Westa
500.1Troia?Tor Vaianica, near Pomezia41.622412.4571-550 Westm
500.2Roman villa at Toraianica41.6163412.4732 Westm
500.3Roman villa at Centro Regina41.591212.4988-30 Westm
500.4Castrum InuiTor San Lorenzo, near Ardea41.580312.5113-750 Westm
501Lacus Nemorensis (Caligula's Naumachies)Lago di Nemi, SE of Rome41.7055212.7 Brandon WestmrX
502Lacus Albanus (Caligula's Naumachies)Lago Albano, SE of Rome41.74524112.668608 Westm
503Lacus Fucinus (Claudius' Naumachies)Lake Fucin, now dried out in the valley of Avezzano41.99375813.54638 Tacitus, Annales, 12, 56 Westa
504Roman villa at Tor Caldara 41.485912.5869-30 Westm
505Antium, Nero's portAnzio41.44270212.628393-750Plutarch, Neron, 9 ; Suetonius, Neron, 9 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3 ; Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 26 ; Denys, Antiquites, 7, 7 & 9, 13Lehmann, Pauly, Flemming, Franco, BrandonNoli (2009)Felici (2002) WestaprsX
506Nettuno Nettuno, fish pond41.4555412.65254-30Flemming, Brandon Westmp
506.1Nettuno Nettuno, fish pond41.4558312.65607-30Flemming, Brandon Westm
506.2Nettuno Nettuno, fish pond41.4561212.66064-30Flemming, Brandon Westm
506.3AsturaLa Saracca, Roman villa with fish pond41.42078112.745244-330Flemming, Brandon Westm
506.4AsturaLa Banca, Roman villa with fish pond41.41717212.749332-330Flemming, Brandon Westm
507Astura, StorasTorre Astura41.40735112.767198-330Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3Lehmann, Flemming, BrandonNoli (2009) WestarsX
508Clostra Romana Lago di Fogliano, near Latina41.40192412.868416-30 Westm
509Ad Turres Albas near Lago dei Monaci41.37576812.91288-330 Westm
509.1Roman villa at Palazzo di Domiziano, near Sabaudia41.268413.0396-30 Westm
510Port of Circei, Circe and stopover for Odysseusinside Lago di Paola, with access via canal and breakwaters41.25307213.04425-330Homer Odyssey, 10, 140 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 2, 87Cuisenier, Brandon WestarXXX
511Circei, Cape Circaeum, Aia Cape Circeo41.22810213.098011-550Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3 ; Apollonius, Argonauticas, 4, 666 ; Scylax, PeriplLehmann, Flemming Westapr
512Terracina, Tarracina, Anxur Terracina41.28389913.253503-550Plutarch, Caesar, 58 ; Livy, Hist, 40, 51 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Blackman, Franco, Brandon, TretheweyNoli (2009) WestaprXXXX
512.1FundiFondi41.3573813.42926-330 Westm
513Pontia insulaPorto di Ponza, on the isle of Ponza40.89478112.964786-750Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Dawson, Brandon WestarX
514Pandataria insulaPorto Vecchio, Roman villa Giulia at Punta Eolo, on the isle of Ventotene40.79782213.433896 Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Franco, Dawson, Brandon WestaprX
515Aegina, on Pandataria insulaSan Stefano, islet near the isle of Ventotene40.78904413.454465 Antonine, Itin Mar Westa
516Speluncae Sperlonga41.25321213.432844-30 Westm
517Villa Tiberii Roman villa di Tiberio41.25025513.449773-30Brandon Westmrs
518Caiete, Caieta, Caeatas Spiaggia di Fontania, at Gaeta41.2084613.55314-330Virgil, Eneïde, 7, 1 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 9 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3 ; Denys, Antiquites, 1, 53Lehmann, Flemming, Brandon WestaprsXX
518.1Porto di Caposele41.2508213.5981 BrandonItaly WestmrX
519Formiae, Formies, Hormies Formia41.25323213.606038-330Tacitus, Annales, 15, 46 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 3Flemming WestarX
519.1Formiae, Formies, Hormies Formia, fish pond41.25546113.608778 Flemming, Brandon Westmr
520Roman villa at Gianola 41.247913.675-330Flemming, Brandon WestmrX
521Roman villa at Scauri 41.25066213.703677-330 Westm
522Minturnae Minturno41.241913.768-330Flemming Westm
523Villa Romana San Limato 41.1584713.8408-330 Westm
524Sinuessa, Sinuesa, SinopeBaia Azzurra Levagnole, near Mondragone41.1494413.85-550Lehmann, Flemming Westm
525 Roman villa at Treppete, near Mondragone41.1298313.86509-30 Westm
525.1Pagus SarclanusMondragone?41.10813.875-330 Westm
525.2VolturnumCastel Volturno41.018613.92-550 Westm
526Liternum Lago di Patria40.92133414.029903-330FlemmingPoupet (2005) Westm
527Cumae, Cumes, KymeCuma, with uncertain location of ancient port NE and/or SW of the acropolis40.84665714.051265-750Denys, Antiquites, 7, 2 ; Antonine, Itin MarFlemming, Blackman, TretheweyPoupet (2005)Vecchi (2000) WestaX?X
528 Aenaria Porto d'Ischia, on the island d’Ischia40.7443113.940565 Antonine, Itin Mar Westap
529Pithekoussai, PithecusaeMonte Vico, at San Montano, on the isle of Ischia40.75429713.885913-700Flemming, Dawson Westm
530Punta Chiarito, on the isle of Ischia40.69668713.879064-700 Westm
531 Procita, Prochyta insulaIsles of Procida and Vivara40.75906814.016731-700Denys, Antiquites, 1, 53 ; Antonine, Itin MarDawson Westa
532Misenos, Misenum, Misene, home port of Classis Misenensis fleetCapo Miseno, West of Naples40.79146714.087813-30Flaccus, Argonauticas, Livre 1, near 375-386 ; Vegetius, Art Militaire, 5, 1 to 15 ; Strabo, Geogr, 5, 4 ; Denys, Antiquites, 1, 53 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Blackman, Pitassi, TretheweyBenini (2005) WestaprsXXXX
532.1Misenos, Misenum, Misene Punta Terrone, pilae of the southern breakwater40.78829514.089871 Brandon WestmprsXX
532.2Misenos, Misenum, Misene Punta di Pennata, pilae of the northern breakwater40.78976314.089078 Brandon WestmprsXX
532.3Misenos, Misenum, Misene Punta Sarparella, concrete jetty within the harbour40.7902414.0829 Brandon WestmprsXX
532.4Misenos, Misenum, Misene Punta di Pennata, pilae within the harbour40.791414.08524 Brandon WestmprsXX
532.5BauliBacoli-330 Westm
533Baiae, Baïes, Portus Baianus, with connection to Lacus BaianusBaia, two concrete moles over 200 m long40.818514.0767-330Statius, Silves, 4, 3 ; Pliny, Hist Nat, 3, 9Flemming, Brandon, Trethewey WestarsXXX
534Portus Iulius, Julius, port of Julien, with connection to Lacus LucrinusLucrino, two concrete moles over 200 m long40.8264814.094706 Dio Cassius, Hist, 48, 50 ; Suetonius, Auguste, 16 ; Virgil, Georgiques, 2, 160Flemming, Brandon WestarsXX
535Lacus AvernusLake Averno40.83796914.07598 Strabo, Geogr, 5, 4 Westa
535.1Vicus Annianus, InviniasPozzuoli West40.8298814.10502300Amato (2013) Westm
535.2Vicus LartidianusPozzuoli West40.829414.1125 Amato (2016) Westmrs
536Puteoli, Dikaiarcheia, Dicearque, in the Campi Phlegraei volcano districtPozzuoli, Pouzzoles, Puteoles, in the Campi Flegrei volcano district, pilae of arched mole are under modern breakwater40.821614.1154-750Statius, Silves, 3, 2 ; Seneca, Lukeilius, 77 ; Luke, Acts, 28.13 ; Josephus Flavius, Vie, 3 ; Antonine, Itin MarLehmann, Flemming, Pauly, Blackman, Brandon, Trethewey WestaprsXXXXX
537Nesis, Odysseus' port of the Cyclopes ?Porto Paone, on the isle of Nisida, which is now connected to the continent by a breakwater, at Naples (Cuisenier mentions this site with two other possible sites: Marettimo and Faraglioni, Nisida clearly providing the best shelter as described by Homer)40.79429314.161118 Homer, Odyssey, 9, 136Lehmann, Flemming, Cuisenier WestarsXX
537.1NesisNisida, very large pila of over 1000 m 340.79614514.168934 Brandon WestmrsX
538Imperial Villa of Pausilypon Posillipo, protected by row of pilae40.79314.1883 Lehmann, Flemming, Brandon WestmrsXXX
538.1Imperial Villa of Pausilypon Porto Marechiano, near Posillipo40.79501114.192878 Brandon WestmrsXX
538.2Naples, Neapolis, Parthenope, on the isle of MegarisCastell del'Ovo, at Santa Lucia in Naples40.82791914.249399 Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 8 ; Livy, Hist, 36, 42Flemming, Trethewey WestapX
539Neapolis Naples, Piazza Municipio, offshore Roman quay made with wooden caissons40.8392714.25462 Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 8 ; Livy, Hist, 36, 42BrandonBoetto (2009)Casarna (2016) WestarXXX
539.1Neapolis Naples, Piazza Municipio, onshore Roman quay40.8392614.2524 Procopius, Guerre Goths, 1, 8 ; Livy, Hist, 36, 42BrandonBoetto (2009)Casarna (2016) WestarX
540Herculaneum Ercolano40.79926814.339992-550Flemming Westm
540.1Roman villa at Contrada Sora, near Torre del Greco40.7782814.37469 Westm
541Oplontis Villa di Poppea, near Torre Annunziata40.7575514.4525-330 Westm
542Pompeia Pompei40.72738614.466316-750Strabo, Geogr, 5, 4Flemming Westa
543Stabiae Castellammare di Stabia40.6997614.4926-330Flemming Westm
544Aequana Vico Equense40.66392314.418515-750 Westm
545Piano di Sorrento 40.64581814.402715-550 Westm
545.1SurrentumSorrento40.628614.3657-330 Westm